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A highly toxic substance that is to be avoided at all costs when found on the Island, especially since the unwary who step in it can inadvertently spread it further.

CavemanJoe seems especially vulnerable to its neurotoxic properties; symptoms of overexposure include frothing, twitching, ranting, and whimpering. Entertaining as this may sound, it's still not nice to dump the stuff on his1) head just to watch him twitch. (We had enough problems when the Watcher was slain 2); we don't want to know what'll happen if her custodian/maintenance guy/tech support winds up out of commission.)

If untreated, overexposing CMJ to drama can have severe consequences, including simultaneous Island-wide memory-lapses, unexplainable explosions resonating across the Island, and the theoretical appearance of a mysterious Force known as the BanHammer. Appearance of the BanHammer is believed to occur in conjunction with the island-wide memory-lapses, so no contestant on the island today would be able to verify its existence. It is also believed that no contestant who has ever seen the BanHammer directly has survived to tell the tale.3) Therefore, with the abundant lack of evidence, we can safely assume that this theory is just a Myth, and continue with our lives as if we were doing nothing wrong.

1) or anyone else's
2) an event that has since been erased by a reality flicker
3) those that claim to have survived are lying
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