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Disva Dravir

A strange wanderer who wandered far too deep. Biography




(These are typically left in storage due to their bulk, and as such, she rarely has them on her)
Glow Steel-96PJX Gauss Cannon: 20 rounds per minute, fires metallic slugs via electromagnetic induction.
Fire Blossom 38JMJ Vehicle Laser: 120 pulses per minute, fires concentrated blasts of red lasers.
Holdout Cyberlimb Laser VX50D: Fires a total of 10 pulses per arm, wide-bore blasts of ultraviolet lasers.
Emergency Ocular Laser 05KHO: Fires a constant beam for a total of 120 seconds. Very narrow, low-intensity. Can start fires.
Instant Brawl Knuckle Spurs X993H: Projects four large metallic spikes from knuckles, which can be fired as projectiles.
Osato XXL Assault Cannon 78OLV: Gigantic, heavy assault cannon that fires at 10 rounds per minute with huge calibre bullets, 5-slug capacity.
Ittai Submachine Gun 8Q6IR: Fires at a rate of 100 rounds per minute, 40-round magazine. Can fire semi-auto, burst fire, or full-auto.
Ceteda Heavy Pistols 2MX00: [2] High-calibre pistols that fire at 30 rounds per minute, with 10-round magazines.
Kinran Light Pistol 759K6: Low-recoil silenced pistol that fires at 80 rounds per minute, with a 30-round magazine. Can be Semi-auto or Burst fire.
Koitgha Hunter's Special TYK88: A futuristic longbow that fires with incredible velocity. Can use any type of arrow, but comes with 20 futuristic arrows that can stand the acceleration, and are more precise.


Formal dress: A long, flowing silky blue dress, it covers from her neck to her feet, and shimmers with light. Only fancy clothing she owns.
Casual clothing: Along the lines of a tank-tops and cargo jeans. Lots of freedom of movement.
Combat: Either a black full-body suit that hides her gleaming metal to let her sneak, or a utilitarian camo-patterned soldier's wear, with plenty of pouches for various things.


Transuniversal Rapid Interplanar Personal Pod (Environment Regulating). Or, Tripper. A large, canister-shaped device (with a domed top), that comfortably fits up to three people, or five people in emergencies. It has enough rations to last 1.5 years for a single person, and can store enough energy to operate without input for 2 years, or 30 jumps. It is a sleek black vehicle, thickly armoured and shielded, and without any evident propulsion. To move, it makes "jumps", realigning itself at a different location. It can use energy gathered from solar panels (included), liquid fuel (petroleum works fine), high-energy gases (propane, natural gas, ect), alcohols, solid fuels (coal, wood, any alkaline metals, ect), and even heat (such as via geothermal activity). It can process around 100 L of water into drinkable water per hour, or 50 L into molecularly pure water. It has an autonomous medical station. It has large storage space using pocket dimensions, allowing for up to 1750 cubic meters of materials to be stowed.

Hexapodal Outdoors Pathfinding Personal Explroation Robot. Or, Hopper. A six-legged autonomous or remote-controlled machine with a concave top that measures six feet long and three feet across. Its legs are capable of travelling across nearly all types of terrain, and can even scale sheer cliffs with the aid of its hooked legs and onboard thrusters. The thrusters can propel it up to 80 meters per second in optimal conditions, but have a limited fuel supply. In order to use the thrusters to move, the legs extend outwards, spreading outwards and extending, a thin, powerful composite material then stretched between them to create lift wings, and jets of air are fired from the underside, allowing it to hover and glide, though not gain altitude. She mainly uses it for scouting and collecting resources, but uses it as transport when low on power, or when needing to get somewhere fast. She likes to call it "Hopper the Friendly Robot"



Can see in low light, see heat, see from extremely far away with magnification, see microscopic details up close, see extremely clearly in all conditions, produce light from her eyes, block out dangerous flashes, emit and receive weak infrared lasers for silent communication, accept video from external cameras, record video, precisely measure distances, and connect with her weapons for aided aim-assist with a HUD.


She can perceive sounds from extremely far away, determine precisely where sounds came from, hear up to ultrasound, record audio, take in audio from external microphones, filter out audio by source, and has suppressors to dangerous bursts of noise.

Other perception

She can sense magnetic fields, electrical fields, has near-perfect balance (helped by her balancing tail), sense touch through external sensors (such as her limbs and metallic skin), sense heat sources around her and their distance/intensity, detect and analyse chemicals in the air, interface directly with technology, and can see various important statistics about her own health with extreme accuracy and detail.


A huge array of various cyber, biological, and nano implants greatly improve her mind, making her more able to learn new things, analyse and solve problems, instinctively react to situations, and so on. Specific implants allow her to multitask effectively, compute basic math with absolute precision, keep perfect track of time, have photographic memory, and shut off pain entirely. She can sleep instantly, and receives far more restful sleep, getting by on 2 hours.


She has extensive layers of protection, including armoured replacements for her torso, limbs, and skull, armoured synthetic bones, and her armour scales, which can also project a tiny forcefield, temporarily halting most intrusions into the field. However, this also stops air, and takes far more charge than is sustainable. Her ribcage has a symbiotic life form that acts as a living carapace over it. She is well-adapted to extreme heat and cold, can deal with low oxygen environments, have no ill effects in microgravity, and can better tolerate pollution and radiation. Various implants make her resistant to diseases and toxins of all sorts. Her lungs take in twice the normal volume of air, nanobots store crystallized oxygen for rapid injection into her blood when necessary, she has a large internal air tank, and even has gills.


Massive amounts of implants are for her well-being, including nanobots to heal her implants, biological nanomachines that heal what flesh she has left, internal symbiotes that manually repair damage, several implants that cut off bleeding, rapidly apply platelets, stabilize her organs, and, if she is critically injured, can stabilize her from fatal wounds and put her into stasis, Disva staying in hibernation until healed. There are many layers of redundancy. Radiation damage can be actively healed.


She has the laser cannons on her shoulder, which rapidly fire pulses of energy, and can fire anywhere within 120 degrees of where she is facing. The gauss cannon on the articulated mount can fire in any direction, and has unparalleled armor-piercing capability, just in case. In case of emergency, when she is without weapons, her arms can fire energy blasts in the form of wide lasers, however, they lack the precision of her mounts, and drain energy from her system. If she cannot use her arms, her eyes can fire a cutting laser, but it is by far the weakest of her weapons, only good for cutting through bindings or bare skin. She can deploy long spikes from her knuckles, which can be fired with pressurized gas, with startlingly powerful effects. She can designate targets with a weak laser from her eyes, but this has nearly no use due to her not having guided weaponry.


Grappling hooks can be fired from her arms. Anchor hooks can be fired from her heels, to resist being knocked over, or for walking up sheer surfaces. To aid this, she can extend climbing claws from her hands. Feet can grip extremely well even without the hooks, with gecko-like surfaces. Limbs can activate magnets to climb along metal surfaces. Legs have hydraulics to enable extreme jumps. Her tail aids in keeping balance, running, and jumping. Her joints bend far beyond what is possible for humans, and she can escape from nearly any type of bindings. She can extend swimming fins. Her endurance and energy are extremely high, fatigue is almost ignored.


She has perfect control over her voice, including making animal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds, speaking in ultrasound, and can effortlessly adjust volume to loudspeaker levels without distortion. She can change the colour and luminosity of her eyes. Her silvery hair can change in length and style on thought, being synthetic fibres of specialized nanobots (They can only make hairstyles). She can download skill in various talents and procedures, making her an expert instantly (This is expensive and requires connection to the network). She cannot feel nausea caused by motion. She can eat nearly anything, including leaves and grass, and obtain energy from it. She can excrete spider silk from her rear abdomen (Extremely slowly). Her wrists can deploy adjustable recoil compensators that help with recoil-producing weaponry, and has the ability to link with weapons of her race's making for targeting data.

What's Left?

Nearly everything is gone. Some of her organs are essentially original, but her heart, lungs, and entire digestive tract are synthetic. The most unmodified part of her is her face, but beneath that lies a metal skull, the pins holding her face in place on the synthetic material faintly visible through her semi-translucent skin. Her brain is still organic, with a few additions.


1) Images on left are in full combat mode, with mounted weapons equipped. This is only in dire situations, with prior preparation
2) Disva sitting with her adopted daughter, Alcia, with Tripper pod in background. Bow visible behind Disva.
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