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General Info

The following can be discovered in Lester's dwelling in the Library!

Other Interesting Information

Basic Elements and Effects

Element Physical Effect / Properties Common Application Combinable? Opposing Element Guardian? Environment
Fire Burns flammable items Providing Heat Yes Water (combinable) Ryushi, Beast Volcanic
Water Asphyxiation Terraforming Yes Life Beast Aquarium
Wind Lacerations Mess-free Terraforming, Movement Partially Inefficiencies Only Kaze Invisble Floors and Constant Winds
Earth Various Physical Injury Ore Processing Symbiotically 1) Wind, Water Beast Cave
Life 2) Lacerations, Bites from Creatures Summoning, Irrigation Required for Summoning Fire, Darkness Beast Stone Shrine
Purity Healing of physical injuries Healing Yes, for subjective healing Darkness Serena Hiryuu Marble, Cloud based Shrine
Darkness Invisible Pain 3) Summoning, Combinations, Combat Widely Purity Chaos Pitch Black Room, Filled with horrors 4)

Special Elements and Effects

Element Physical Effect / Properties Common Application Combinable? Opposing Element Environment
Poison Slowly hurts Combat Very Few Purity/Poison Combo, Psychic Overwhelmingly Biohazardous Pools
Energy 5) Electrocutes, Burns Combat Yes, for additional effects Earth Room of Tesla Coils
Metal 6) Wider variety of injuries Construction, Technology No Fire Room of Mirrors 7)
Ice Hypothermia Cooling, Combat Yes Fire Polar Wasteland
Ghost Possesion, Mentally Disabling Necromancy, Combat Yes, For summoning Psychic Graveyard
Psychic Mind Control, Mental Anguish Performances, Combat Yes, obviously Life Medatation Circles, Sigils, Candles
Slag 8) Coats beings in a sludge, makes injuries worse Combat, Supernatural Abilities No Purity None, Acts like oil, minus the energy applications

Combinations and Results

  • Ghost + <Any Element> = Whisp-like manifestation of <element>
  • <element> + Life = Element based summon


SOME of the characters lister here MAY be avaliable for individual 1 on 1 story. Also, if you want to draw one of these, distract me!

Ryushi C. Hiryuu

[Theme Youtube Link: "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans" (NOT a battle theme)]

  • Race: Dragonmorph Cyborg
  • Age: 89, in human years, last he counted.
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Very scrappy, easy going, fun-loving. (Think of Amethyst off of Steven Universe mixed with Opal in battle, and you got it.)
  • Skills: Elemental Innovations, Swordsman, Inventing.

Lester Roquefort (Actively RPing as)

See his Bio in the game, you silly thing you...

Kraden Hiryuu

  • Age: 87
  • Race: Dragonmorph
  • Gender: Male
  • Relation: Ryushi (Father)| Lester (None)
  • Occupation/Skills: King of Draconia
  • Personality: Quite stern and abrupt.
  • Appearance: Very tall, old and chiseled.

Ashley Wyrmwater

  • Age: 28
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Relation: Ryushi (Witch) | Lester (None)
  • Occupation: Witch
  • Personality: Ashley is quite a punk. She's quite rude and often invades people privacy to her own justification. She lives alone in a rundown mansion with a bunch of "friendly" ghosts.
  • Appearance: Quite tall and skinny. Basically what you'd expect out of a misfit living alone in a run down mansion. She wears a black ballerina skirt and a pink and black striped t-shirt and is decorated with various self applied tattos and runes.
  • Background: She spent most of her childhood reading books and trying to resurrect her parents, so she has very few friends. She did discover, however, how to do some pretty neat stuff with spells and summonings.

Terranigma Alpha

Alpha is a cybernetically enhanced set of armor, complete with AI and various high-tech battle augmentations.

Terranigma Beta

Theme: E-102 Gamma's Theme

  • Motto: "I exist purely to function, nothing more."
  • Age: ???
  • Race: Cyborg
  • Relation: Ryushi (Creator) | Lester (Maintainer)
  • Occupation: Robotic Replacement for Ryushi.
  • Personality: He knows what he's programmed to do and damned if you can stop him. He puts his objective above everything else.
  • Appearance: He's a robotic Dragonmorph equipped with military augments and techniques and it shows. Basically, he looks like you took him off one of those gritty animes/mangas starring robots.
  • Background: He's traveled to quite a few realms and assisted many people with many problems. He clears his memory after each visit, mind you.

Terranigma Zeta

He's a tactical AI in charge of a Military Base and neighbouring cities. You wouldn't be far off in assuming he'd be a male Glados.

Terranigma Omega

His Battle theme in an RPG

A combination of ALL the Terranigma's, not much else is known, but it's suspected that if they did combine... well, lets just say it gets cliche from here.

1) Combinations form results that assist/become another element
2) Grass, Bug, Normal, Dragon
3) Unhealable injuries by natural means
4) Think Binding of Isaac
5) Electric, Chi, Plasma, Improbablility
6) Earth and Fire combo
7) NOT made of glass
8) Liquid product from Darkness. Yes, it behaves like Boarderlands Slag
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