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A newbie's coming of age (lv.15 and better), when they prove that they can stand up for themselves by killing the Improbability Drive1)2)3) and become a Contestant.4)5)6)

One DK unlocks the Kittymorph and Zombie races.

Four hundred DKs unlocks the other races: Joker, Mutant, Squat and Robot.7)8)

1) Though a lot of times they are killed by the Drive
2) Yeah, they're basically screwed
3) Bring lots of ZAP and BANG nades.
4) There is no proof that this has ever happened. People with titles other than Newbie are suspected of having cheated.
5) That's "Rookie", not "Newbie". Anyways, people can always pay to get a Title Change Document from the Hunter's Lodge.
6) That's "", not "Newbie".
7) You unlock them before four hundred. But if you have four hundred. You have those.
8) The real number is 300.
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