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Duck Bombing

A duck bombing is a term coined by QQQ where members of the clan 1)2) decided to fill the GERM bingo hall's spa with 80 kilograms of rubber ducks 3)4)

In Dunbernarding's "Rookie Declan Memorial Hall"

2010-05-19 02:30:05: Cuisinier Micha casually saunters in, radiating innocence and good-will. She beams around the room, hands on her hips. Just a tourist, aye?

2010-05-19 02:30:24: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi walks into the bingo hall carrying a large pack that looks like it stuffed with something. He turns around and waiting for someone.

2010-05-19 02:30:46: Cuisinier Micha edges closer to Akogi.

2010-05-19 02:31:20: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi notices Micha and says innocently enough, "I hear 'dey have a good Library 'dat we should check out sometime, while we visit."

2010-05-19 02:32:25: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi nudges Micha trying to give her the hint on where to go.

2010-05-19 02:33:26: Cuisinier Micha nods, genially. "I love Libraries. Would you like to lead me to it? Maybe see some other rooms on the way?"

2010-05-19 02:34:55: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi nods and motions her to library, arts and insitute of mechanics wing of this maze-like bingo hall.

2010-05-19 02:35:40: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi bows slightly, well as far as he can so he doesn't lose balance with his pack, saying "After 'cha madam."

2010-05-19 02:36:26: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi noticed Micha walking into the wing and he walks in after her

In Dunbernarding's Library

2010-05-19 02:37:55: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi walks into the library. He takes his pack off of his back for a little while. Carrying 80 kilos of 'presents'5) isn't that fun for a midget. He stretches a bit as he looks through the books.

2010-05-19 02:38:15: Cuisinier Micha tiptoes into the Library proper, still pretending to be a sneaky spy.

2010-05-19 02:39:28: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi finds the book he was looking for on the self. He says to Micha, "Bring 'dat bag over 'ere. I hope 'cha don't mind 'yer clothes gettin' wet."

2010-05-19 02:41:51: Cuisinier Micha heft's Akogi's lumpy, squeaking sack and bump-walks it over to the bookshelf. "Nope!" She's still pretending to be a spy. Spies don't care about little things like that!

2010-05-19 02:44:07: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, "I do...so I hope 'dis doesn't bother 'cha." He takes his suit off, having no shame of being naked in front of Micha or anyone else for that matter.

2010-05-19 02:45:48: Cuisinier Micha shamelessly peeks. Now she can actually say she's seen a Leprechaun's pot of gold. 6)

2010-05-19 02:45:51: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi grabs his bag and throws it over his back. He then says, "After I go 'drough, try to take dis book out of the bookcase." He then tries to pulling out Building Hidden Waterslides for Fun and Profit

2010-05-19 02:46:15: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi gets pulled in by the bookshelf and down he goes.

2010-05-19 02:48:43: Cuisinier Micha gapes openmouthed. What in the hell? She shakes herself, holds the bag tightly, and grabs the booooooo--

In the hidden spa at Dunbernarding

2010-05-19 02:47:53: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi falls down into the pool. His pack makes him float back up to the surface quite quickly. He then swims over to the side of the pool and gets out.

2010-05-19 02:48:47: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi takes his pack off and opens it up, revealing his 'present' for the GERMans.

2010-05-19 02:50:09: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi shakes about, almost looking like some weird sort of stretch. He tips the bag over and begins pulling rubber ducks out of the bag.

2010-05-19 02:50:53: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi grabs a couple of the ducks and throws them into the pool. He has 80 kilos of these things that he plans on spread through the pool with some help of course.

2010-05-19 02:53:12: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi grabs a whole handful of rubber ducks and begins to evenly space them apart as much as possible throughout the pool.

2010-05-19 02:55:11: Cuisinier Micha splashes down into the pool, causing several ducks to bob and sway. She surfaces, spitting water. "That was awesome!"

2010-05-19 02:55:17: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi notices Micha falling down. He grabs a couple of ducks and tries to see if is his aim is good enough to hit her. He tosses a few ducks at her as she falls into the water.

2010-05-19 02:56:00: Cuisinier Micha starts flinging ducks with absolute abandon. Several stick to the walls, and she furrows her brow. Huh.

2010-05-19 02:56:36: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi nods at Micha's statement and says, "Aye 'dat is awesome but no where near as awesome as what we're doin' to 'deir pool"

2010-05-19 02:56:54: Cuisinier Micha paddles over to the side of the pool. "We need to stick some to the pool bottom, too. Good thing I have some sentient algae. I think that'll do the trick."

2010-05-19 02:57:52: Cuisinier Micha hoists herself out of the pool and reaches into her catsuit. She removes a small glassine bag with a greenish paste.

2010-05-19 02:58:06: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi laughs as he grabs a couple of ducks from his bag and throws to Micha's general direction.

2010-05-19 02:59:25: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi lifts up his bag and drags it over to the pool's edge. He then dumps the rest of the contents into the pool. Ducks begin spacing themselves out as much as they can in the pool.

2010-05-19 02:59:33: Cuisinier Micha whispers something into the bag. It sounds like she might be attempting to convince the algae that this is in its best interest. The goop in the bag takes a few minutes of convincing.

2010-05-19 03:00:04: Cuisinier Micha swipes several duck bottoms through the bag, coating each one with a thick layer of green-brown slime.

2010-05-19 03:00:50: Cuisinier Micha seriously says to each duck-bottom, "Now, when I bring you down there, just hold on tight to the surface. And then you'll turn into a real boy. Eventually."

2010-05-19 03:01:10: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi looks over to Micha and says as he continues pouring the ducks into the pool, "Why do 'cha 'dat stuff around anyway? Tryin' to keep as much of 'yer expirement as possible."

2010-05-19 03:01:54: Cuisinier Micha fills her lungs with air and pushes off the side of the pool, several ducks held to her chest. Through the duck-strewn surface, she can be seen plopping algae-coated ducks onto the pool's tiles.

2010-05-19 03:02:06: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi rolls his eyes. Right... That's not his duck turned from a rubber duck to a normal duck. He thanks Horatio for that gift.

2010-05-19 03:03:45: Cuisinier Micha kicks back to the surface and retrieves another set of algae-goo-ducks. Geoduck? She snorts out a plume of bubbles as she laughs.

2010-05-19 03:04:55: Cuisinier Micha eventually finishes coating the pool's underwater tiles with ducks. The algae seems to grimly hang on, intent on eventually reaching real-boy status. Micha swims back to the edge and wipes her eyes.

2010-05-19 03:05:06: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi picks up a non-algae covered duck and throws it to where he saw the bubbles.

2010-05-19 03:06:04: Cuisinier Micha grins up at Akogi. "Are we done?"

2010-05-19 03:06:24: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi grabs his bag by both hands and gets on top of it. He pushes off of the edge of the pool riding his pack as it empties even more rubber duckies.

2010-05-19 03:07:34: Cuisinier Micha finds herself slowly rising up through the water on a yellow, squeaking tide of loopily-grinning rubber ducks. She scrambles out of the pool and surveys the damage - er, improvements.

2010-05-19 03:10:21: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi looks over to Micha still riding his pack on the pool / rubber duck breeding grounds, and says, "We could always have fun and play in 'da pool. Rubber ducks always enhance playin' in pools."

2010-05-19 03:11:45: Cuisinier Micha looks genuinely regretful. "I promised someone I'd meet them after we finished ducking the pool. Can't stay, pal."

2010-05-19 03:12:37: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi chuckles and then asks, "Unless 'cha don't want to go 'fer a swim with me bein' naked. I won't bite 'cha7)."

2010-05-19 03:13:32: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi ahhs and says, "'Dere's one last bit 'dough. We have to write 'em a note sayin' 'dat made 'der bingo hall better. I know what she should say."

2010-05-19 03:16:38: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi looks at Micha and asks as he paddles back to the side of the pool, "'Cha have a piece o' paper and pen on 'cha by chance?"

2010-05-19 03:20:00: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi frowns. He'll take that as a no. He gets out of the pool - if you want to call it that anymore - and pulls his pack out of the water. He dumps all the water out of it and shakes about like a wet dog.

2010-05-19 03:23:06: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi puts the pack back on and makes his way out of the pool now carrying an empty pack. He's going to put his suit back on and write a note himself.

After returning to the Rookie Declan Memorial Hall

2010-05-19 03:26:03: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :walks back from the library, looking a little wet and having an empty pack. He drops his pack and pulls a piece of paper and a pencil out of his pockets and begins writing a note for the GERMans.

2010-05-19 03:27:51: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :gets done writing the note and looks for the best place to put it. He shrugs and hands it to Lillith telling her, "Show 'dis to all 'da GERMans 'dat 'cha see."

2010-05-19 03:29:44: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :'s note reads, 'Dear GERMans, the QQQ leadership team noticed a lack of ducks in 'da bingo hall. Don't worry we took good care of 'yer little problem. Enjoy. QQQ Leadership.'

2010-05-19 03:31:00: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :smiles at Lillith after giving her the note and then he begins whistling as he walks out of the bingo hall after a job well done.

2010-05-19 03:52:13: Cuisinier Micha: :slinks out of the hall, trailing pool water in little dribbles. She winks at Lilith and whistles cheerily as she heads out into the bright sunlight.

1) Actually a leader and an officer of QQQ
2) If you really want to point fingers. It was Akogi and Micha
3) Minor details not included
4) Minor details being how to get to said hidden spa
5) Rubber ducks are anyone's presents
6) She obviously needs to visit the clan hall more often. He tends to run around naked there. Much to everyone's dissatisfaction
7) That is a lie, Akogi does bite
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