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Before the EMP war, the Duk_of_Doom was a professional 1)2) video gamer: not exactly the best one out there, but he could certainly hold his own. 3) About a year before the EMPs, he decided to leave the professional circuit and just play casually with friends and allies he made over the years as well as pursue his new-found hobby of paintball. When the Duk awoke here on the island and was told what awaited him, he donned his gamer pseudonym once again and headed out into the great unknown that is Improbable Island.

The Pre-Joker Cronicals of Duk

Although he spent a lot of time gaming, he's certainly not a fat loser 4) that one would typically associate with someone who plays video games so much that they go pro. In fact, he's rather slim with no gut to speak of (but no abs of steel either) and measures in at just over 6' 1", with brown hair and eyes. As far as clothing goes, when it's time to head out to the killing fields, he wears what the island provides him for armor, but otherwise he wears a kick-ass dragon t-shirt he found in a box of clothing in a shelter he stayed in one night and some jeans. DKs as a human: 2

After his 11th DK, The Drive put Gex back in his Geckodragon body and Duk is back in his human form. O well. Although this may be the case now, he has a feeling that great things are coming just over the horizon. However, a few forms back, he remembered something else about his past life. He was also an avid pin collector who collected pins from places he had been. Remembering this, he set out on a little "side project" to teach himself how to craft his own pins and to start his collection again.

After his first Drive Kill, the Duk has somehow found himself Zombified! He found this very ironic being that zombies were often a target in the games he played before coming to the Island. For the most part he retained his former figure, except now his skin has a light green hue to it as well as chunks of skin missing and a rib or two sticking out. He also has a habit of occasionally loosing fingers, as one is currently duck-taped on and another sewn on. After his second encounter with the Drive, he still remained a zombie, but got some cool new robotic arms. DKs as a Zombie: 5

For his seventh Drive Kill, The Duk has returned to his Zombie form. This time around, however, he has picked up some new hardware. Not only has he picked up a skull-mounted laser, but also a curious ring. The ring is a simple gold band with a green gem embedded into it. If you look really closely at the gem, you can see an image of a stick figure standing in front of an identical, but larger stick figure. Odd

After the dust cleared from his Tenth Drive Kill, the Duk reverted to his Zombie form. This time, however, it's a little less likely that he will be loosing body parts, since he seems to have been fused with his armor. Speaking of his armor, if robots could be zombies, the state of his armor currently would certainty fit the bill. Chunks of metal are gone or falling off, but at least the top hat stayed intact

For his 8th Drive Kill, The Duk is a robot. he stands at five feet tall, but has the strength of five Go-rillas, as well as laser beam eyes (no X-ray vision, though). Although short, he has broad shoulders and large, barrel-like forearms. He has a blue paint job all over his body except his head is sports car red, one arm has a flaming eyeball decal, the other has a flaming 8-ball decal, and his legs up to his kneecaps have flame decals. And yes, he even has the robot arms from before, but this time around instead of hands, they have buzz-saws at the end of each arm. DKs as a robot: 1

While playing ping-pong at the common ground during his Second Drive Kill, he found his pet Leopard Gecko Gex that he had when he was off the island. Actually, Gex found the Duk and after a joyous reunion, Gex now travels alongside the Duk either on his shoulder or in his backpack while in combat. Gex is a leopard gecko about ten inches in length from nose to tail and has a mainly yellow body and grey head with brown splotches with brown rings around his tail. Also, unlike most pet geckos, he still has his original tail from the day he was born intact. Around the time Duk started his third Drive Kill, Gex ate a rather unusual cricket at the common ground and now he has the power of speech and can, for a few seconds at a time, magically change outfits to match the context of a conversation (ex: If the conversation involves royalty, he would be dressed like a king for a few seconds before reverting back to normal). After winning a joker game all by himself, Gex is now a dragon about the size of a fully-grown Iguana, complete with wings and claws. He has the same colorization as a dragon as he did as a gecko.

After his fourth Drive Kill, The Duk became a Midget. Fortunately, the only thing he retained from zombie-dom was his slightly green skin. Unfortunately, he was 3 feet 8 inches tall. This doesn't bother him that much, since it seems as if the robotic arms he had last time stayed fused to his back. Although he forgot how to use them in combat, he can still use them for utility purposes. DKs as a midget: 1

For his his Fifth Drive Kill, things started to get really weird. Gex managed to land the final blow on the Drive while in his newly-found Iguana form. By doing this, he briefly became supercharged with improbability and slammed into the Duk in the resulting shockwave. When the Duk awoke, he found that he grew back to his normal 6' 2", but his skin was replaced by emerald green scales and his fingers and toes had claws instead of nails. He also has a long tail that reaches the ground that is green with black stripes and his head and face is somewhere between human and Iguana. As for his robo-arms, they are still lodged in his back. Recently, he has lost his tail after a particularly rough day on the island, but he can still maintain his balance while he's waiting for his new tail to grow in thanks to a walking stick he fashioned out of his old one. DKs as an Iguanamorph (kittymorph) 2

On his 11th Drive Kill, the Drive played some mind games with Duk and Gex, putting Duk into Gex's body and putting Gex into Duk's human body

For his Sixth Drive Kill, the Duk has grown massive in size, 8' 10" inches tall and is about as broad as 2 and 1/2 American Football players. His arms are also massive and reach down all the way to his waist. Thanks to a certain Joker Luquos, his legs are now four large spider-like legs that can hold his weight. He also has the obligatory mutant tentacles and he still retained his robo-arms. These mutations occurred in his Iguana form, so his skin is still covered in scales and his head still has Iguana-like properties. DKs as a mutant: 2

There was a reason as to why, even though he was a robot during his 8th DK, he could feel emotions, pain, and exhaustion. In reality, it was the Duk's human brain piloting an Island-variety Robot suit. After his last run-in with the Drive, it was able to reconstruct his old human body from that brain. He realized this glass robot suit didn't work out at ALL for him, so he went to work on it. By the time it was done, his new robot suit is covered in two thick layers of steal, giving the robot suit Mutant-like strength and durability. However, since he's just getting used to the new added weight of the suit, the suit learns at the same rate as a mutant. Unfortunately, due to the modifications he made, he can't open up his nearly infinitely-sized chest compartment, but he still retained the jet boots, the LCD-screen communicator, and his Speaker system is now shoulder-mounted. Although he can't open up his chest compartment, he can get out of the suit if need be. The suit itself is 7 feet tall and covered in silver steel that, although it looks like it was gathered from various sources, does the job quite nicely. Recently, creativity struck him and he welded a Joker-style top hat for his suit of armor

Post-Joker Chronicles of Duk shortly after Duk became a joker for the first time5), Duk learned that even since before the Island, he was never human to begin with, but from a race of Interdimentional beings known as the Tarloreans. Tall and lean, almost elven in stature, the Tarloreans were the first race in the multiverse to discover that not only IS there a multiverse, but the ability to travel through the multiverse through use of portal technology or interdimentional vehicles. Implanted with a hidden camera and microphone, Duk was left on this version of Earth as an infant to grow up as a human, secretly and unknowingly recording every second of his life to educate the Tarloreans on these curious hairless apes. Since Duk discovered he had recording equipment installed in his skull, he has managed to get it removed. Since then, the Tarloreans have constantly been trying to bring Duk back to his original homeworld of Tarlorea to fill in the gaps of what was lost when the camera was destroyed.

1) Quality of games he played is being researched.
2) I ll have you know they were high quality
3) Controller, that is
4) -Cough-
5) Which was a very proud moment in Duk's time on the Island
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