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A midget with a cap, a press badge and pad looks up at you as you enter the Sugar clan hall. He frowns1), and shakes his pencil at you.

"Yoo 'ere fer the Duskrunner Interview? Well the little 'itch won't talk! Sez my questions are too bloody offenzive!"

He throws his pad to the floor and stomps on it, stalking out2). You pick up the pad, glancing over the questions. You only read a couple, 'What is your favorite bodily fluid,' and 'What kind of panties do you wear,' but you can probably see why Dusk wasn't so interested in participating with the reporter from "The Daily Skronk."

Maybe you can do better.

A woman peers out of one of the rooms, wide lavender eyes clearly searching for the noisome little midget that had been following her around. Her gaze falls on you and she steps out, careful to avoid hitting her white, feathered wings on the door. Shaking out her head, you can see that she has feathers in place of hair, and an oddly flattened face. Are those talons? And hey, why does she only have four fingers? She's also very short. You realize belatedly that she's probably been mutated by the Improbability Drive. Mutated and shrunk Her voice is soft and tentative when she finally speaks.

"Is it gone?"

You reach down, picking up the pad and flipping to a new page. "I'll be the one asking the questions here, miss!"

She gives you a funny look.

You cough awkwardly,trying to ignore the look that she's giving you, and glance down at your pad.

"Alright, miss; First question: How exactly did you first come to be on the Island?"

She shrugs, settling down on a stool. Only way to accomadate her height and her wings it would seem.

"Well, same way everyone else did, really." She says. "Picked up at my apartment while I was asleep3). Woke up, naked an' confused. No special story for me on that count."4)

"well then, in that case, what did you do when you first came here? Any adventure? Romance? Wild Improbable Parties?"

1) but then, he usually does
2) midgets don't stalk so much as waddle. Short legs and all
3) She was SOUSED. Absolutely blue blind paralytic drunk
4) This is a lie. Or is it?
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