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Ebony Nrutcin

Basic Stats

No matter how many times she changes forms, here are the general details about her that don't change. Generally. Unless they do. Then this is wholly invalid, and full of lies.Lying in a Wiki of Lies?

Physical Assessment

Name: Ebony Esired Nrutcin
Height: 5'6 6'- 7'
Weight: N/A
Age: Assumed, 27
Gender: Female
Measurements: N/A
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: The United States
Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color Dark Brown (Black)
Race: N/A

Mental Assessment

Summary: She seems to be well off enough. After a stint of adjustment, she seems to be doing just fine on the isle. She has friends, steady source of food, and even a large diverse number of outfits for her to try on, and functions to interact with others with. Her criminal tendencies are starting to resurface, and as such, maybe monitored for thefts of a more valuable countenance.
-Highly flirtatous
--EXTREMELY. Advise caution. May result in solicitous activities.
-Criminal Background indeed resurfacing in personality.
--Watch your pockets. And your body in general.
-Has had stint of more dangerous behavior, attacking on sight.
--Seen to have been suppressed, but signs of the form's previous habits are still present. Advise caution.

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