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Everything on this page has been revealed to someone on the island at some point, or is evident1).


Edwina Carol Black, who sometimes goes by Eddy, is a sturdy young woman with myriad scars and callouses, standing at 5'5". She does not know her own age, but looks to be around twenty-five. She is hirsute and dark-haired, doesn't shave anything (including her light mustache) and currently wears two long braids, and a thick red dress.

pics: one and two.

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  • Eddy has some basic knowledge about herbal medicine and like, which mushrooms make good stew vs. hallucinations vs. death.
  • She can carve wood, though she currently lacks the tools. She can sculpt with clay.
  • She can build a good fire.
  • She can cook some.
  • She has a knack for geometry. She likes to draw in general, and the merit of her work is debatable; definitely not realistic. When she draws patterns, though, mimicking architectural features or natural fractal patterns etc., she does so very well.
  • She can read and write her name, and knows most of the alphabet and all ten numerical digits.

Recent History

Upon arrival on the Island, she remained nude for several weeks, armed only by monster-repellant spray, but after being caught in a physically intimate situation with another woman in the jungle, she decided that a slightly more conservative attitude might benefit her here. She's found a dress to wear, and also possesses an invisisuit which she using for hiding or trickery.

Less-Recent History

Eddy is from Syracuse, New York, where she lived in a sort of urban decay squatting situation with her sweethearts Hattie and Nate in a familial triad relationship. The neighborhood was taken over by a girl gang before Eddy's arrival there, and no cismen2) are welcome there anymore. Hattie was part of the original gang.

Nate is a trans man about Eddy's age, and Hattie is a significantly older3) cis woman. Eddy refers to them interchangeably as her sweethearts or her family, because Hattie had a very maternal role in Eddy's and Nate's lives. They sometimes called her Momma, though Eddy knows that that'll creep some folks out so she tries to avoid calling her that to people on the island. They lived together in a portside shop converted into an open-concept home which they shared with other families. There is a communal attitude toward child-rearing there. Eddy spent her later childhood in a similar situation. She may have been rather young when Hattie took her on.

A note on Eddy's politics and mine

Like Eddy, I am a feminist. I do frequently engage people in discussions about gender, race, class, and politics. However, Eddy's views do not always necessarily reflect my own. I have grown up in a North American urban environment with racial and economic privelege, in a liberal family. Eddy has grown up in a post-apocalyptic urban centre with God-knows what kind of people and circumstances, and then in this very loving, very radical community of women. She may at times be more extreme in her views than I am, and on the other hand she might be sheltered by living among women, away from some of the threats I've faced. Basically, I'm not Eddy, but I use her as an outlet for some of my political frustration, and as a shield between me and the world in discussions which might otherwise really upset me. You can probably engage me in discussion out of character if you like, too.

1) Except the note on politics. That's different.
2) male-bodied people who also identify as men
3) late thirties?
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