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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

A petite woman in an immaculately tailored business dress; she uses reading spectacles with polished silver frames. She occasionally mutters to herself while doing administrative and accounting work.

Oh yeah, and she manages the Bank of Improbable.

  • Rumouured1) to regularly enjoy cake and tea.
  • Hates imaginary numbers with a passion. Sometimes has nightmares about them invading from the Jungle.
  • Has a high disdain for people who can not count.2)3)
  • Also rumoured to have a taken a liking to a specific master. No one's quite sure who, though.
  • Much like a possible cousin of hers, also appears to defy the limits of time, space aund4) cake. Apparently the limits of basic arithmetic are the only limits that can not be broken.
1) Who doesn't enjoy cake?
2) Will stare at you politely if you try to put one over her
3) Do not try to take her glasses off! Otherwise the stare is deadly!
4) The letter u is also undefiable.
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