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-falls on a brown bag on the way. Initals on it read S&S. She feels something slimy on her skin and looks down. Green glowing slime - that smells like sulfur - covers her body slowly seeping into every pore on her skin. She gags from the smell, frozen as it slides over her skin and through her clothes.

It changes colour a few times. She watches in amazement as it goes from Green to Silver. Silver to Red. She notices it continues to change colours. She wonders if it will ever stop. Orange to Blue. Blue to White. White to Brown. Brown to Clear.

The Monster with the missing face stares at her, making no more movement. She is unsure why it isn't attacking. She doesn't waste time to question it, as soon as she is free from the slime, she grabs the brown bag and runs out the door, only to appear in front of a cottage. She moves towards it, she is exhausted and wary but would rather a cottage than sleeping outside.

Static sounds. The image goes fuzzy then blank. A electronic voice asks. `iDo you want to continue?

You don't hestate to tell it yes again and it whirrs, making a few clicking sounds. It's blank image fades into another scene.

`jEliza sighs as she walks into the cottage. It is warm and appears to be empty. She turns into a living room. A fire burns brightly in a fireplace. There is a plaque above it proclaiming `i"Although my life and love may die, this flame is eternal."`n`n `j`iEliza smiles seeing it. It lifts her spirts. She yawns and sits down on a fluffy white rug. Soon she is fast asleep. Something seems to watch her as she does. Two pair of eyes peek from the shadows. `n`n`~`iThe voice speaks again. `iNo logs when Eliza is asleep. Fast forward? `iAgain you tell it yes and it shifts into another scene. `n`n`i`jEliza is painting a wall of the cottage. She has brown cat ears and tail. A red haired women appears in the doorway and smiles at her. It is a smile full of blinding love. "Are you going to finish anytime soon? I thought we could have dinner." `n`nEliza turns to her, grinning, her tail swishes as she walks to give the woman a hug, getting paint all over the woman's clothes. "You could join me." She says, giving the woman a peck on the lips. `n`n`~This is Helena. `iThe voice speaks up again as you watch. `iEliza loved her. `iYou watch as they laugh and start to chase each other around the room with paint before the scene fades to show a wedding. `n`n`i`jEliza reaches over to take Helena's hand. She is nervous. This is the day she becomes Helena's wife. Helena smiles reassurely at her, squeezing her hand. Eliza nods and they both walk down the aisle towards the kittymorph. Their eyes never leave each other as they swear their vows. Some lines make them both grin and smile at each other with the knowledge of inside jokes and of many more to come. The kittymorph doing their service announces them married and they kiss. It is tender and tells their promises to each other. It shows their undying love. `n`n`~The smiles were many that day. Eliza was happy. `iSomehow the voice sounds wistful. `iBut it wasn't long before trouble started. `iIt states. `iDo you remember the first scene? `n`n`iYou nod and tell it that you do.`n`n`iThat was the cause for many bad things. Curiosity very nearly killed the cat.`i It chuckles, a whirling dry sound. `iHelena was convinced to take a trip. `iYou see Helena on the sphere now, talking to Eliza and giving her a goodbye kiss. Eliza appears to be crying. `n`n`iHelena never came back from her trip. `iThe voice narrates. `iEliza was heartbroken with despair. She set out to look for her. `i`n`nYou now see Eliza traveling all over the island. Never seeming to stop. She asks everyone she meets if they have seen Helena. `n`n`iEventually Eliza went back to their cottage. `iYou see that the scene changes. `n`n`i`jEliza sighs, she has dirt on her face and twigs in her hair. She looks like she has aged years in a matter of weeks. Her hair is long, almost down to her rear and she has tired lines on her face. `n`nEliza walks back into her cottage, she holds out hope that she will see Helena there.`n`nShe doesn't.`n`nEliza starts turning on the lights, lighting the dark and deary dust covered rooms. It is almost like when she first found it. Except now it has furniture. It has belongings and paint on the walls.`n`n Everything reminds her of Helena. She can't escape her worry, her jumping heart when she hears the front door creak, her broken heart at the possibility of Helena not being alive at all.`n`nShe stumbles into the living room. That rug is still there. She collapses onto it and cries into it. Only here in this cottage has she let herself cry. It was her safe haven. Her and Helena's safe place. `n`nEliza shifts, feeling a lump under the rug. She lifts the rug to find the brown bag from the lab. She hesitates briefly and her crying stops instantly. She is curious again. She opens the bag and her eyes widen. She pulls out a glowing Journal, A Potions Recipe Book, Vials with mysterious Potions, chalk and beakers were just some of the things. `n`n`i`~The voice narrates again. `iShe spent all night and many days after that, reading and memorizing the two books. `iThe voice hesitates before becoming lower as it continues it's narration. `iShe found a ritual. She tried many other things yet she kept coming back to the first Journal. She soon tried the ritual. It worked for a while and a demon appeared. A snow white four-tailed fox demon. `iYou notice the eyes glow like the ones that watched Eliza in the living room. `n`n`i`jEliza paces nervously, watching the chalk circle on the floor. Suddenly white flames burst from the candles and a fox demon appears. `n`n"You summoned me? For what purpose?" It asks. `n`n"I need your help." Eliza replies. "I need to find my wife." `n`n `~They struck a deal but at a deadly price. For you see when you summon Sydney and his sister, you summon their maker. Silver. `n`nShe is the reason for all of Eliza's pain and misery. She is the reason Eliza has lost her memory many times. The reason Eliza has clones with many more to come. The reason for Eliza finding the lab. The reason for Eliza's magic. The reason Helena disappeared and the reason she died. The reason for Eliza almost dying Down Below. The reason Eliza died in front of her friends. `n`n`iThe voice whirls more before it continues. `iShe is the reason Eliza's soul was tortured in hell and possibly the reason Eliza is back. `n`n`iThe voice now warns you. `i`n`nWatch out for her. The Demoness is a sadistic and devious one. Her enemies and playthings are many. But so is her allies and the powers she possessess. I have only touched the surface of what she has done. Find the other logs. And if you wish to. Help Eliza. `i`n`nThe sphere shuts down, falling to the ground.`b


Eliza's Past& Early Island Life;

Eliza was born on the mainland after the EMP that sent the world into a dark age. She had a semi hard life towards her older teen years with her mother dying, she was left almost completely homeless. Through hard work and persistance, she found a job and roomed with a friend from there. Eventually she was paid enough to move out.

Her mother was a historian and showed her about all the things lost after the bombings. Eliza loved her mother very much and they worked well as a team despite the hardships of living in those days.

She never knew much of her father, seeing him as a distant rich relative, what he did for a living and what looked like she had no idea.

For many years Eliza was comfortable and happy with her life. Until the day she was kidnapped and brought to fight monsters on a estranged island. It didn't take her lomg to see the blessing though, the meeting of the stern blonde woman her first day helped her a little. She no longer had to balance to make ends meet so drastically sometimes. She found a steady income for quick cash - which were crate hunting and jungling - even though it took her a while to even want to go into the Jungle. She spent her first day exploring NewHome and thankfully her curious nature didn't get her in trouble.

From then on she slowly met friends and almost immediately after she met Helena, another human, who she was immediately attracted to - ahem, to her face and personality that is. Eliza and Helena became fast friends whilst Eliza helped the poor newb ease into life on the island and it wasn't long before they started to date.

Eliza came across a forgotten grove once and if she remembered everything she could possibly say this is where the trouble started.

The place was mysterious and lead to a building that looked more like a warehouse. Inside it looked like a research facility.

Here is a poem that could describe it better until I stop being lazy with writing the events;

Eliza curiously started to explore. She came across a blood splattered door. From behind her there was a ghostly roar. She didn't hesitate. She didn't wait. Through the unlocked door she tore. Inside she found a lab. Broken things laid on a slab. Beakers, cloning tubes and creepy notebooks so very fab. Potions, vials and recipes. She took some and did try to flee. For the machines were waking... Something was staking... Th air feeling ominous... The smell of sulfur, blood and horror... And of victums too... Groaning, hissing... Searching for things missing... Eliza tried so very hard to run... Tripping over a brown bag. Probably did save her from from that old hag. The green slime that saved her seeped into her skin.. Her DNA.. Gave her power and new abilities. But also awoke two sleeping demons... One kind. One evil. Eliza learned not to be so curious after that. For curiosity very nearly killed the cat.

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