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This is the current alt list that I (Eliza) have. Down below it is set out like a table with a basic 'about me' section for the characters. Please note that this only includes the alt characters with their own accounts and does not mention things about the main character (Eliza) or any of the NPC/employees/background characters/pets/any other characters I have bainstormed and made. And yes, I do know it is a lot of alts.

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The Clones Species: Half Shapeshifter/Metamorphic Comments&Notes/About: The Clones are named First and Second. They were called Purrsia and Clawdia but after defeating The Drive, they lost some of their memories so they went by their "birth," (1) order. Now The Clones have their memories back but still prefer to go by the order as their names. They are apart of Eliza's (who they call The Original or Miss Eliza) Pack and have the Pack mark on the back of their necks. The Clones like to get up to a bit of mischief with small pranks or jokes, like to help others and play with their pets; Hedgehog the hedgehog(Purrsia's aka First's) and Timothy the Pegasus(Clawdia's aka Second's). Physical Description: Really long straight brown hair(2). Brown cat tail. Blue eyes. 5'8". Pale/rosey skin. A almost exact likeness to Eliza, The Original. Height: 5'6-5'8" Age: Around 18-20(3)
Maye Flower Species: Half Fae Comments&Notes/About: Maye Flower's real "human," name is May/Maye Flow(4). Since coming to the island, her black and white type of thinking has been challenged drastically. She's heavily jaded and cynical despite having a background where she actively participated and believed in her Christian/Catholic faith(5). She's still bit a newb and believes herself to be fully human. After being on the island for almost a week or so, she was attacked by a beast. Causing her to lose her whole arm and hand on her dominant side. It's this(6) that makes her hate the island so much. She has a affinity for archery and Hunting because she's also a future host for the spirits of Moon Goddesses(7)(8)(9). Her current weapon is a prosthetic leg from Shelia's because the shop owner has a sense of humour(10). Physical Description: Dark honey blonde hair. Grey eyes. Body/Face structure is the same as Skylar Grey(11)(12). Has only one arm and hand; her left(13)(14). Height: 5'7.5" Age: 18-19
The Messenger Species: BloodShadow Puppet/Shadowmancer Comments&Notes/About: The Messenger is mysterious Messenger that has recently joined the island(15)(16). He seems to work for a few people who he calls "Boss," or "Mistress,"(17) and does in fact have a name. Either going as Matthew, Mattie, Marty or Selah/Zelah(18)(19)(20)(21). Physical Description: Brown hair. Bluey black eyes. Black long coat that covers his steampunk style clothing. He often has curls or wisps of shadows coming off him(22). Mainly around his arms, hands, wrists, head and shoulders. Sometimes feet and legs. He has tattoos on his arms(23) and legs(24).
The Turtle Species: Animated Tortoise Plushie Comments&Notes/About: The Turtle is actually a tortoise plushie but thinks himself as a turtle. He also refers to himself as a it because he's a plushie. He doesn't actually act like a animal apart from eating grass and other veggies/fruit. He can make noises to communicate his feelings or thoughts but can't actually talk. Most of these noises also sound like squeaks. Physical Description: A 40 cm tall Tortoise plushie with green fabric fur and a brown fabric shell. Big glass moe-like eyes on a even bigger bobble-head like head. Has a tiny tail too. Height: 40 cm tall. 10 cm long. 5-8 cm wide. Age: 1-2(25).
Kasai (Formerly Silver Blade) Species: Joker/Fire Elemental Mage Comments&Notes/About: Kasai become a Joker after Eliza unraveled Silver's existence, effectively killing her. But since The Improbability Drive first gave the former Inner Demon -- and sadistic personality of Eliza -- as much physical life as she had, The Drive was quite attached to her. So while Silver died, Kasai is now free to live her own life. As a Joker(And Fire Elemental thingy). Physical Description: Red hair that can literally turn into flames and appear to be the colours of flames as well. Silver eyes have Joker green around the edges. She wears a suit vest, shirt and green tie. A long coat. Dress shoes. A top hat. Red/Maroon painted lips. Height: 5'11" Age: 26
Sydney Blaze Species: Kitsune/Water Forms(26) Mage Comments&Notes/About: A Kitsune that also shares a soul/body with his Sister; Sakura. He can change forms to be his sister and let her take over too. They both can do various magic with different water forms. Sydney is often kind to others who are not strong or who are easily frightened(27). Sakura, on the other hand, is a bit of a ice queen(28). She's not terribly welcome to anyone. Yet she will occasionally date. Sydney doesn't date at all, he's fully focused on protecting others. Physical Description: As a male, he often has fox ears and a tail(29), white long hair either put in a pony tail or sometimes cut short. He has muscles but looks lean, preferring to sometimes wear a kimono or jeans and a long sleaved button up shirt with the sleaves rolled up to his elbows. As a female, the hair is blue and in pigtails high on the head. She only wears a kimono and the traditional shoes that go with it. Height: 6'7"-4'7"(30) Age: Unknown
Red Tali Species: BloodShadow Puppet/Wind Elemental Mage Comments&Notes/About: Red Tali was originally the ex fiance of Silver Sangria Blade but she was defeated in a fight to the death by Eliza. Eliza then reprogrammed her, giving her a chance to start anew. Physical Description: Asian/Chinese features. Height is anywhere from 5'2" to 5'5". Brown/black hair used to be silvery white but is now cut short in a boy cut with a long floppy fringe. Height: 5'2-5'5" Age: Unknown(31)
Lorina Riley Species: Siren Comments&Notes/About: Lorina Riley was once called Riley Healey before she gave herself fully over to the darkness of Father. Riley once had a demon fiance as well, before her own madness caused her to lose it and almost kill herself as she landed on the island. Because of her past(32) -- and other reasons -- she is now mostly mute, preferring to communicate using a large visual art diary that she writes on. However, Riley can still sing or scream(33), except she's so powerful that she doesn't use her powers -- even going so far as to stop talking because of how her voice can so easily impact others(another reason for not talking) -- often. It's only on Hunts, when in trouble and when Father demands it of her that she does. Riley is like what Bellatrix Lestrange was to Voldemort (except in a family way) when it comes to Father, her madness is there even when it's not always shown. She is heavily loyal to/dependant of Father and thinks the world of him. Physical Description: Black feathery angel-like wings sprout from her back. She has light blue eyes, stitches at the corner of her mouth, greyish tint to skin and black wispy and slightly messy hair. She wears a longish floaty dress that blows in the wind and sometimes a pink cardigan. Height: 5'9" Age: 18.
Elswyth Species: Nature-Willow Fairy/Dark Fae Comments&Notes/About: Elswyth was once called Emma Mayped/Hayes. On her mainland life she lived on a farm with her mother, father and two brothers. She never got on with them and would often spend time escaping to her favorite willow tree where she would either write in her journal/diary, draw or read. It was on one of these days that "Emma," first met Isabelle(or was it Isabella? Can't remember because someone else played her). Flash forward to a few more meetings, a year has passed, they've fallen in love and they plan to run away. To travel around America like Isa's hippie parents once did. Only something goes wrong and they both come into their fairy/fae powers/inheritance. Flash forward a bit more and "Emma," goes to commit suicide, Isa follows her because of the pain of their fairy soul-mate bond. "Emma," is somebow reborn into Elswyth. Except it is without her Isa. Elswyth's spirit/soul is called and trapped to the island. The flickers of her spend her days giving life back into nature but willows are her life source, she can never go far from one. So where there is a willow; there will be Elswyth because Elswyth's name means "Elf from the willow trees," Physical Description: As a Fairy, she has corn-yellow blonde hair(34), brown skin the colour of bark, sapphire blue eyes mixed with violet streaks and tattoos(35). She wears a sleaveless summer dress with wavy stripped ends that is covered in patterned vines, leaves, flowers and a willow tree. As a Dark Fae; she has very pale skin, no rosey tinge at all, it's paper white. As a contrast, her hair is black with a violet shine on some days. Her eyes are black as well but have the same violet streaks. She wears the same tattoos but has a different outfit and wing colour/size(36)(37). Her dress is black and short (sometimes changing to a long flowing gown), it clings to her. Height: 5'4-5'6" Age: Unknown
GenderTarp Species: GenderTarp Comments&Notes/About: A superhero GenderTarp here to both save the day and confuse the fuck out of everyone! Quotes: "Why be one gender when you can be a tarp!?" "If I go crazy will you still call me SuperTarp~"(38) Physical Description: Regularly changes. Sometimes just a tarp with a cape other times a human shape made out of tarps with a superhero costume. Currently has no defined gender apart from GenderTarp(39). Height: Unknown/Not fixed. Age: Unknown
Assassin Panda Species: Giant (Assassin) Panda Comments&Notes/About: A Giant Panda species born to a group of Assassins since the start of china. One of them somehow found it's way to the island where it can be found chilling out, eating bamboo, napping and getting hired to do assinations(40). Physical Description: The giant panda, a black-and-white bear, has a body typical of bears. It has black fur on ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, and shoulders(41). Height: 60-90 cm(42). 150 cm in length(43). Age: 6(44).
Hogmione Prickles Species: HedgehogMorph Comments&Notes/About: Hogmione Prickles is HedgehogMorph originally from china. She was running from something, possibly her past, before she ended up here. Physical Description: Hogmione wears a purple with gold and silver lining cheongsam(45) and brown leather sandals. Her hair is shaped like a Hedgehog's furry and spiny body. She has brown eyes that sometimes appear a middle blue colour and her body is furry without spines, though sometimes she can have spines appear from under her skin to use as weapons. Height: 5'3" Age: 21
Meepers Species: Alien Comments&Notes/About: Pretty much a female Meap from Phineas and Ferb except Meepers has a purple hat instead of pink and only says "Meep," or "Meap." There's a news reporter hat that is rumoured to be able to translate her language into English if she wears it(46). Physical Description: Likes like Meap from Phineas and Ferb except with a purple hat. Height: 4'4"(47). Age: Unknown
Badassbess Species: KoalaMorph Comments&Notes/About: Badassbess isn't her real name of course. In fact, Bess isn't her name at all. Her name is actually Betty Blaire(48) and she's not from this world at all. She's a soldier/merc from another planet that somehow ended up here. For reasons unknown, she seems to like it here. Preferring to stay and kick back to relaxingly kill monsters. Physical Description: Obviously a KoalaMorph. She's able to turn into a full koala with wings. Oh.. She also has wings too. Yellowy white feathery ones that glow. She's slim but tough, carries weapons, a metal satchel and some advanced technology/magic. Has a few scars. Black wavy hair often pulled back in a braid or ponytail. Eyecolour often changes, sometimes depending on moods. Height: 5'6.9" Age: 25
Super-Lazy Species: Lazy Comments&Notes/About: A Lazy Superhero(49)(50). Physical Description: Super Lazy. Height: Lazy. Age: Lazy.
Eliza The Lioness Species: LionessMorph/Dramatic Lioness Comments&Notes/About: This is one of Eliza's kittymorph forms that she can shift into. She uses this form the most to do various pranks, antics, performances and skits around the island. Mainly at the IC or Kitt outposts. She can be really (and I mean *really really*) mischievous/cheeky and dramatic in this form as well. Always a laugh to those that meet her, she makes sure she's never forgotten with both her eye-catching -- and dramatic -- entrances and exits. She loves to both help others and make them laugh too. She has the charismatic ability to rope others into helping/participating with her to do various pranks and performances. Nobody knows how she gets contestants or others to do this. Eliza can also turn into a full lioness animal form slightly larger than the normal lioness/lion. It is what she calls her "Go-to 'shift form," and it is stronger and more powerful than a normal lioness too. Physical Description: A lioness kittymorph with a lion's tail. Short brown hair that stops just below the chin. Blue eyes. Often seen wearing costumes, this kittymorph never goes naked and always makes sure she looks stylish in whatever costume/outfit she choses to do her antics. Height: 5'8" Age: 20-22(51). 3-4(52).


1) The Clones were made in a lab by who they call "Mister Rider."

2) Originally Purrsia was made a bit different than Eliza's signature brown and instead she had purple hair and cat features. There is a few theories as to why.

3) Because they're Clones and Eliza was around twenty when her DNA samples were taken. Their mental ages are around 20s too.

4) May's mortal father -- who is related to Eliza as a distant uncle -- nicknamed her Maye Flower. It's said that he knew about her parentage despite leading her to believe otherwise.

5) She's often seen carrying a small pocket bible at times too.

6) And probably a million other reasons. Her hate for the island runs passionately deep. Like, she would probably destroy everything non human -- and the island -- if given the chance.

7) She's also trained in it since she was eight.

8) It's the plan anyway. It might be one, it might be two, who knows(well, obviously I do as the narrator but yeah, we'll see what happens).

9) The half fae thing is definitely a thing though. I personally blame that -- really awesome -- YA novel series I read.

10) But she also felt sorry for the newb that lost a arm after only being here a week.

11) A singer that has really good songs, a good voice and is really pretty.

12) Come to think of it, her voice is probably like May's too.

13) Ha! She lost her dominant (right) arm/hand (because of Eliza, ha!) and has to retrain her left arm/hand. It's great fun to play/write.

14) Uh... I mean... Poor May.. Yeah.. Poor, poor May.

15) *spooky noises* *Does he even have a name!?*

16) I'm kidding. Of course he has a name! ...I think.

17) And not in the kinky way! *For once.*

18) Ah. There we go. *See? A name!* Well.. Multiple actually. Probably just calling him The Messenger might be easier. Oh! He also never misses a delivery.

19) Not like he gives his name out, anyway. He's like a spy or secret agent, come to think of it.

20) Pfft. No, he has totally not spied on people for who he works for.

21) *And his bosses don't count. He will forever deny ever spying* `MOkay, I'm lying, he totally did it to see if Jez was safe. He also had a message to deliver from Eliza. She wanted him to check on Jez 'cause she worries.`~

22) They kinda float in the air a bit but always stay near him. Because he was made from blood and shadows, he has powers over the shadows and can wield them to do whatever he wants. Like make shadows appear where there is none, have them disappear and/or hold things for him, etc.

23) The tattoos on his arms go from elbow to the wrist/back of hand. They're bluey black with a bit of sparkle and sort of look like shadows curling around his arms in swirls.

24) The tattoos on his legs go from mid-thigh to his ankles and part of his feet. They look the same as the ones on his arms but are a bit spaced out.

25) Well, it is a plushie, so however sentient it's going to be, it'll be a young thing. Also it's not human too.

26) Mostly ice, water and snow.

27) He was made to be a protector, after all. But to those who remind him of Silver, he is wary of them. Sometimes a bit standoffish. The siblings personality can also sometimes overlap.

28) Literally. Her affinity is to ice. But she's mainly a bit closed off because of the backstory that was made for her. She can also really be serious, single-minded and focused on her job.

29) Sometimes four tails. But it's usually one so he doesn't freak others out.

30) 6'7" is Sydney's height and 4'7" is Sakura's.

31) Since Eliza unknowingly made her, Red Tali doesn't really have a age but it is probably close to Kasai's age physically(and mentally even though she is a big child-like in her insane way but that just might be an act).

32) She was bullied from a young age and all throughout her life as she moved from foster to foster home until Father helped her "escape." She also knows she has a sister (possibly a half one) but they have never met. She was left orphaned when her parents died in a car crash and human authorities took her in.

33) Her scream can break glass and bring down buildings. Her singing can too depending on the song and emotions but mostly her singing is used to lure and/or entrap people to her whims.

34) It's a little wavy too.

35) There is a yin and yang one on her forearm on her right arm, a purple and green intertwining vine on her cheek and forehead and a

36) Elswyth's fairy wings are gold with nature patterns, sometimes sparkles or shimmers with rainbow colours. Her dark Fae wings are black with a bit of grey at the edges. They shimmer with darkness.

37) She also wears a wooden pendant necklace in the shape of a willow tree in a ringed circle on a a brown leather string and carries a shoulder/messenger bag.

38) Sometimes seen with a magic flying tarpet.

39) "Tarps are not bound by silly notions of sexes, because no one can bloody tell if they have one 'cause of the tarp. Hurrah tarp!"

~Eggbert's Wise Words

40) *Nobody suspects the Panda.*

41) Sources(Yep. I actually did research.): https://nationalzoo.si.edu/animals/giantpandas/pandafacts/

42) On all fours, that is.

43) Sources: http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/giant_panda/panda/size/

44) This one even has a helpful little photo with basic facts: http://www.chinahighlights.com/giant-panda/characteristics.htm

45) Sources with more information/reference photos: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheongsam And https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_clothing

46) Like the mustache translator. Except she's lost it somewhere.

47) Like Meap's normal short height.

48) With a silent e.

49) Really. Super-Lazy is Super-Lazy. What else is there to say? Also super laziness is a thing. So don't count on this superhero to save the day. I mean *they might* but it depends on if they can be bothered.

50) On the bright side; The Lazy Song is probably their theme song. *Maybe.* Doubtful they'd not be lazy with singing it though.

51) Her kittymorph age.

52) Her full lioness animal age. That's why it's so "young," because she's not really human. And mostly it's the physical age anyway.

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