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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

Lies, Madness and Slander About an Island Newcomer

Rumors of Life Outside the Island

The Name of EmeraldFlame1)2) has been attached to a great many persons, all of them the same person. Some claim that each is a different, alternate universe version of EmeraldFlame, others that EmeraldFlame is naught but the fevered creation of an omnipotent being who runs their lives based on whim. The various forms of EmeraldFlame have included...

  • A North American Professional Wrestler, famous for his love of Ireland, hand-rolled cigarettes, and tendency to show up to work drunk.
  • A North American Professional Wrestler turned reality warping super-hero. Famous for reckless driving and hatred of his ex-wife.
  • A Irish Gymnast who became a super-heroine3) after the mutant ability to hurl radiation manifested in her teens. Later turned Villainess out of sheer lack of anything else to do. Famous for her inconsistent accent.
  • A Member of the Green Lantern Corp., later thrown out due to unoriginality of name. Toyed with the idea of going on a Hal Jordan-esque revenge bender, but figured that would just lead to more accusations of being unoriginal. Famous for absolutely nothing.
Life On the Island

EmeraldFlame is fairly sure his yearly trip to Amsterdam4) had something to do with ending up on the island, and isn't entirely convinced that any of it is really happening. To that end, he goes along for the ride and awaits either waking up or death5). EmeraldFlame is a member of The Dead Parrot Society and his current mission is to have one of the islands best hats.

Recently EmeraldFlame went to the circus. Reports say that the clown will never be the same again, and several small children were traumatized.

1) or Emerald Flame
2) Or maybe Cyrith, info is sketchy
3) Not the drug
4) damn-damn
5) or cake
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