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Enada spends most of her time in an alternate universe with her boyfriend Stuffmonger.1) Currently the part of this universe they call their own is overflowing with game modules; giant arcade machines fill every corner,2) and to make more room for all this gamer paraphenalia the happy couple is buying a house.

Backstory: When Enada was a child she loved to run around naked,3) as she got older she was informed that such activities were frowned upon, so she put her clothing on,4) and only did her naked dances in the room of her boyfriend. Then she was taken away from her home and dropped on the shores of Improbable Island. Then she killed the drive and became a kittymorph, and all of her dreams came true!5) No longer did she have to keep her exhibitionist desires in the closet!6)

Then she became a Joker, and put a tophat on.7)

1) lies
2) except the corner where the chinchilla lives
3) true
4) that's a lie
5) more lies
6) 'd like to see that closet
7) and little else
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