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This page intentionally left HEY LOOK A DEER.

Now that that's over with.

About the Woman herself

Name: Endarr Cooper

Known Aliases: Um...End? Sometimes En. Does the pre-island name count? Because that was Ryuujin Darumassa, though no one really knows that.

Most common race: Some sort of 'Morph. Often with a dash of Joker thrown in.

Date of Birth: January 20, [DATA REDACTED]

Why do you care?: Um...well, I guess you searched this for a reason...maybe?

Common Appearance: H-hey! My appearance is not common! Oh, you meant...Okay...ahem. Often found with pale skin and/or reddish/orange fur and long hair. Many sub attributes that change. Not particularly busty (and yet, people seem to constantly notice her chest). Pointy teeth.

Tattoos: A fire and ice symbol, much like the yin and yang symbol but with stylized ice and fire magatamas, on the back of her hand. There's also a crecent moon on her left hip. Oh, and a dragon curled up on itself between her shoulder blades. Her left butt cheek sports a heart with "RKC" written across it. The image of five flowers (azalea, pink lotus, sunflower, white rose and water lily) surrounded by brambles on her right hip. A pheonix with its wings spread wide burns just above the base of her tail.

Accessories: Her wedding ring, of course. A lightning bolt necklace. Necklace with a yin magatama on it (connects with its other half around he wife's neck). A wooden pendant that has a pentacle on one side and the Japanese symbol for love on the other. A jingly bangle often found either around her tail or in her hair. A wooden bracelet with a crescent moon, upon which are carved the runes for water in conjunction with fire, and the runes for wolf in pairing with cat. She also has a pair of sunglasses that can change shape, color and style. A pair of rings, one made of gold with a sun and one of silver with a moon. They fit together on her finger as a set.

Appearance as of this edit: Well, she's got red hair. It's usually in a loose ponytail or a tight braid. Very long. Improbably long, infact. Oh! And she has fur, red-orange and fluffy.

Powers: You're a wizard, Endarr! Really, she is. (No, she's not a witch just because she's magic and female. Sexist) Her focus is on fire magic and all it entails (heat, flames, sparks, etc.), though she also knows a little water (and spirit, but all good wizards know that one). Constant magical static unless she really focuses, making technology unreliable around her. (Sorry to the robots in CC404, she really didn't mean for that to happen, she swears!) Of course, there's no telling what improbability will do to magic, so she rarely (if ever) uses it.

Combat Ability: Yes! (Ow! Hey, you didn't have to smack me like that.) She was trained in a marital style called "Bando" (pronounced like bond-o...sort of...) She currently forgoes weaponry in favor of her natural weapons. She dislikes armor, preferring to not get hit.

Relationship: Married to Rachel Kitsune Cooper

Family: She has adoptive twin daughters named Solluxandra and Modesty, and a golem-turned-living who she calls her daughter, named Enna. She has adopted a baby blue dragon named Ulharsjach. She's also been adopted by Quinn and Szara, which makes her family much larger.

Items of Note: A pair of 20-sided dice, a twitching card case, a gigantic hammer often used as an umbrella, an enchanted bastard sword and greatsword from Valskyr, a poisoned dagger, a diamond rose, an acoustic guitar with a painting of five flowers (azalea, lotus, lily, sunflower, white rose) surrounded by vines on it, a rose made of diamond.

Organizations: She's part of CAKE. A leader, in fact, where she acts as the head of security, and a trainer for those who need it. She teaches people stuff, and she doesn't ever hurt students who piss her off. Nope.

Notes: Erm...she's old? Maybe. Her birthday is the 20th of January, every year! She can be fiery and may possibly be bipolar, as her moods swing pretty quickly at times. Oh! And she was a man before coming to the island. But she prefers being female.

Of Men and Dragons

Endarr has always been a dragon at heart. But being large and scaly makes interacting with people difficult, and she'd get lonely. So she shapeshifts.

Appearance: Large, scaly and winged. From the tip of her nose to the base of her tail she is twenty meters long, the tail adding another fifteen. She stands on four legs, tipped with clawed talons. Her mouth is large and full of pointy teeth and her eyes are pools of liquid mercury with molten silver irises. Dark grey spines run along her back from the base of her head to the tip of her tail, where they gather into a deadly cluster of spikes. Wicked horns crown her head.


On the nature of fire: "Those of us born in fire are predisposed to strong emotions. It is a gift...and a terrible burden."

On her porch: "By all the burns and freezes, why are there always so many people on my porch!?"

"Get off my lawn you flaming Titan!"

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