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A page! Oh how wonderful. So much stuff to fill it with... Where should we start? OH! I have an excellent idea. Let me post something about a name. Erical, a name. Now what? Actually... Let me do this an easier way. I'll give her file! One sec, gotta pull it out of some junk.

Erical Rapier

Name: Erical Rapier. Originally just Erical.

Sex: Please.

Gender: Female.

Usual Form: Usually a Joker in the form of my original self.

Height: Six feet, two inches.

Hair Color/Style: Red hair. And not normal red hair. Dark red hair, almost unnaturally dark. Always unkempt and styled only by the wind. (Or Wind, depending).

Body Build: Skinny and flat chested. Really. You want proof!?

Temperament: Rude, snarky, sarcastic, mean, evil... The list is fairly long on the negatives. So we'll go with Insane.

Relationship: Married to Wind Rapier.

Family: Erical has two brothers and one sister, all by adoption. Her brothers are Nakito Borgata, and Rick Grimes. Lunasol Borgata is her sister. And, as we have been informed, Jock and Rowley Borgata are her sisters-in-law (or something like that?).

History: Whoa now! Let's put this in it's own little place.


Yeah, Erical. There is a bit to her. Erical is not entirely from this dimension. And she is definitely not from a dimension you'd want to visit. Erical's dimension was, or maybe still is, inhabited by a race known as the Sangheili, a brutal race of vicious and military-based 'aliens'. Though there are many other races, the Sangheili are the ones that raised Erical and are the race she knows the best, even better than the human race.

Erical was captured (yes, captured) when she was about one year of age. The Sangheili, unknowing what to do with a human child, decided that she would be perfect to become a soldier. So when she was old enough to even begin, at about the age of six, she began to train. And train she did. She wasn't trained in the same way as many of the other Sangheili children were. She was taken aside and turned into a 'science' experiment. She was to be a weapon against the humans, by being a human that was on the opposing side. She spent six years training non-stop on a CPV-Class Destroyer, growing stronger and wiser in the ways of hand-to-hand and ranged combat, and participating in spars and mock battles, all of which she did with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She was held back from actually battle until the age of twelve, when she was seen as fit to see real battle.

Erical became a vicious fighter, surpassing many of the other younger Sangheili in scalps (kills) rather quickly. She continued to be sent into encounter after encounter, war after war, steadily raising among the ranks as she grew in age. Bye the age of sixteen she had reached the thousands of personal kills (kills that she had executed herself, be it by hand or by gun) need to reach the rank of General. General is The highest-ranking military personnel employed by the Covenant among their groundside forces, and were known for leading thousands of troops into battle on planets. As you can guess, this is not a rank to be taken lightly. Guess what she did? She took it rather lightly. Erical, although held in high honor and highly respected for her combat abilities, many of the other Sangheili still hated her due to how she was human and a higher rank than themselves.

Erical, after two years of conquest, finally was allowed to lay eyes on her home planet. Her job was to land on the planet and attack a large city. She was also supposed to attack this city with only a squad of herself and five other Elite specialists. Now, this was supposed to be a fairly easy task. They thought that an augmented human in heavy armor with extreme shields, backed up by five other high ranking, battle trained Sangheili should make quick work of a defenseless city. Simple, right? Well, maybe, but they never did find out. Erical and her crew were sent to the planet via dropship, which is basically an escape pod meant to carry a single troop into a precise location. Though, the Drive had other plans. The Drive tore apart the fabric of space and reached into Erical's universe, pulling her into its own universe and instead dropping her onto a land near NewHome. Stranded on the new land, in a new universe, and unable to contact her superiors, Erical walked into the outpost with little hope of ever returning.

Erical at current

Well, yeah, you all knew I'd put this in here, right? Tell you what she'd done since coming here? HAH! Well, you'll be getting what she remembers, and that is a lot less than she's actually done. Erical's been on the Island for roughly a year now, all together. But she only remembers being on the Island for a few months. And, in that time, she has actually done quite a bit. And has... Changed, quite a bit. Both mentally and physically.

Erical, though she used it be an amazing fighter (and still technically is), she rarely actually fights. She has changed from her originally brutal ways to more of a protector role, always trying to keep the weaker among the group by putting herself in-between them and the oncoming fire. Though this isn't a very large factor in her life, it has gotten her damaged more times than once. Maybe one of y'all should stop her, don't ya think!?

And now... How about her sanity? I really like talking of that. So, Erical, as you may have guessed if you've ever seen her, is completely nuts. She rarely listens to reason or logic, and she is about as serious as a five year old given a toy. To get her to act serious is like trying to pull teeth from a Joker. And so far, only really one person has succeeded in doing just that. So all y'all who think they know her, guess again!

I have nothing really left to add about Erical. I mean, I have tons on her, but really nothing of interest... Oh! I do, actually. Erical talks to me, her narrator. It's an interesting thing she does, usually trying to hide it due to the fact that it makes her look even more insane than usual. A select few have actually seen her carry out conversations with me, and the few that have seemed to have found it disturbing. Her mind is riddled with so much that I may actually be the least of her worried, but lets not tell her of that, shall we~?

And now I just have pictures to post. So... Here we are!


And a quote for good measure

"Is it wrong that I find this hilarious instead of, I dunno, heartwarming or breathtaking?... Fuck those, I ain't no pansy." As famously said by her narrator.

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