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If Eris is not the patron goddess of Improbable Island, she should be.

In Classical Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess of strife and chaos. She was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, so she tossed an apple marked 'For The Fairest'1) in the middle of the party 2). This, needless to say, caused the goddesses Aphrodite, Hera, and Artemis3) to all claim it and through that start the Trojan War which killed a whole bunch of people.4)

On Improbable Island, Eris appears to be a middle-aged, attractive frosted blonde with glasses and a red turtleneck who follows people around, taking notes in a stenographer's notebook and giggling a lot.5)

Zog The Disturbed is the High Priest Of The First Improbable Island Church Of Eris Esoteric. He is also a Knight of the Legion of Dynamic Discord, a Sacred Questor Of The Mendicant Order of La Mancha, and a guaranteed Discordian Pope 6)

1) Actually, what it said was 'Kallisti,' because Ancient Greeks couldn't spell. Historians, however, assure us that what she meant was 'For The Fairest.'
2) In Discordianism, this is known as the Original Snub.
3) And if that's not an irrational bunch, I don't know what is.
4) Technical term.
5) Despite appearances, Eris and The Watcher are not the same person. They may, however, be sisters. Or lovers. Or dire enemies. Or all of the above.
6) Of course, anyone with a decent printer and a sense of the ridiculous can be any of these.
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