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Before the Island

When Esc was originally brought to the island, she was a perfectly average human woman in her late twenties. She worked as a cashier in a grocery store, dwelled in a tiny apartment, and was very casually engaged to a man named Scott.

Her build could easily be described as "robust". She was just a bit taller than most women, with something of a boxy, stocky frame, and was fairly athletic. She had a boyish face, thick brownish-blonde hair, and bright blue eyes that weren't at all crossed.

On the Island

Escemfer's first few months on the Island were full of adventure, stress, fear, bewilderment, romance, sex, apple-tinis, rolling in the flowers, and more. Some of her adventures include: joining ROGUE, marrying Ebenezer on a whim, playing golf, frolicking with fictional characters come to life, and weilding a magical foam sword.

Her marriage to Ebenezer was one fraught with misunderstanding, miscommunication, irritation, and dislike. Over the course of getting to know each other, it evolved into affection, and eventually love. Most friends and acquaintances consider them a charming, if odd, couple.

Escemfer, with the help of her husband and clanmates, opened Soup and Pants Charity Kitchen in Improbable Central. The place aspires to provide food, clothes, shelter, and showers to the contestants of Improbable Island.

In the past, she's been prone to running off on possibly-imaginary adventures in hedge mazes and up trees. After a disappearance of several months, Escemfer returned to "civilization" with no memory of her life. Making old and new friends, and finding her footing on the Island again, was the work of many months. She has since recovered most of her memories, and is dating Ebenezer and feeling pretty good about life. She's currently a member of DICE.

Esc and Ebenezer are the proud parents of Squiggles, a camo-colored velociraptor about the size of a canary, as well as three kittens named Moxie, Bettie, and Eli. Esc's other companions include a saucy pink furble named Miss Sparkles, an ill-tempered Kittybike called Snuggles, and a little lacy green garter snake named Fancy.

All The Rest

Escemfer is most commonly seen as a Kittymorph, with sooty, mottled grey fur and very little clothing. She carries a little beaded purse with an astonishingly large capacity. It's usually packed with a drawing pad, colored pencils, a set of amethyst dice, and a deck of rose-and-thorn playing cards with unusual suits (kitties, cups, flowers, and penguins). Some of her drawings have an uncanny ability to spark certain feelings and impressions in the viewer... and even, perhaps, memories that aren't theirs.

Escemfer has had many adventures! You can find out more about them, if you're interested, by Distracting her and asking about logs. Her writer is also available for conversation on GTalk; feel free to inquire via Distract as well.

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