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Like truth, a 'fact' is a lie that contestants tell themselves is correct and confirmable. These have no basis in reality and are of no use on the Island. Moreover, possession of 'facts' is strictly regulated by multiple Island government agencies that impose significant fines on contestants who have too many.

Most clans oppose 'facts' on purely philosophical grounds and have been known to rally all their members to attack contestants1) who claim to know facts.2)

1) Plus, it's fun, and the Newbie Menace must be stopped.
2) Do you really want an entire clan coming after you? I mean, some of those people are raving psychopaths like The Jerkymaster or the Count of Saint Germain. They have sharp metal sticks and baseball bats - maybe even a chainsaw or the 90KV Stun Gun of Eternal Killing - and they'll poke you repeatedly about the head and neck until you get really irritated with them. A neck-poking from a sharp metal stick is not fun, let me tell you, and your contestant insurance policy does not cover it.
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