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Before the Island

Currently Unknown. Ferryn has not spoken much about this, whether due to forgetfulness or terrible events, it is unknown. 1)2)

On the Island - Summary

Ferryn's debut on the island was . . . interesting. After being dropped in one of the many improbably streams, she woke up purple! Nothing else, just purple. This was how she remained, until she struggled through her first DK. Upon this, she was returned to her pre-island form. Sadly, she didn't realize she was falling apart. Once she did, it just lead to sadness and sulks. With the help of a friend 3), she was dragged into the jungle to face the drive.

This is where things got interesting.

When Ferryn came back from meeting with Horatio, she was a kittymorph. A male kittymorph. His panic was understandable. Because of the whole 'I'M A GUY' issue, he always wore shorts. Always. Because of the distress this caused, he rushed to meet with the drive once more. And came back human. Still a guy.

If possible, things got even more interesting. He began a gradual metamorphosis. Starting with plating and antennae, it got worse and worse, and lead to a cocoon and full-on Buggyness. He hated it at first, but over time, he's become used to it, and now loves his insectoid form. 4)

After becoming a Joker, Ferryn had an issue with her Joker side, who split away in search of tea. This resulted in a loss of control for Ferryn; she ended up turning herself into a 5)beetle. Joker caused quite a lot of trouble6). Eventually, with the help of some friends 7), Joker was convinced to fix Ferryn and now they're back in one body. Yay!

She was also a plush centipede 8) for an amount of time, due to Neeip's rum.

She spent a period of time as a Kittybug, then a giant 9)kittybug.

Oh, and she got youthened into a baby grub. That was an awkward time10) and she does not want to talk about it.

On the Island - Current

You know, it's really hard to pin her down. Most of the time she'll be a CentipedeMorph, however. Nothing interesting is happeneing lately.


Due to some interesting events with Joker 11), Curiosity has been unable to return to Ferryn's mind. This makes them both very happy. Curiosity usually looks like a small, doll-sized man dresed entirely in shades of purple. He also bears a small 12) resemblance to Xane.

Scratch that, he's back in Ferryn's head. Occasionally he'll show up when something interesting lures him out. This results in lots of purple and headaches for Ferryn.

Interesting notes

  • Ferryn is the creator of the fabled Happycakes, small, yellowicing'd and happyface'd cupcakes that have the ability to cheer almost anyone up.
  • Ferryn is now the owner of the last of Xane's fragments, Curiosity. It's . . . curious13) to say the least.
  • Ferryn is a member 14) of Chimental! This is due to her 15) relationship. With Hax.

Other's Thoughts

There is a blank space here, evidently intended for others to add their thoughts about everyone's favourite 16) bugperson.

Ebenezer17)18)19) met Ferryn during the "oh my god, I'm a male kittymorph" stage. Since then, Eben has become gradually more fond of strange little Ferryn. When Ferryn went buggy, Ebenezer wasn't so sure what to think about that, but Ferryn's kind-heartedness won him over again.

Xane saw Ferryn around the island from time to time, but initially didn't know that much about her. However, as in Eben's case, came to be fond of the little critter. He even invited Ferryn to SUGAR20), a clan that21) Ferryn has come to think of as a second home

Genevieve owns a pair of nifty moth-antennae made from pipe cleaners that Ferryn gave her. She really likes them, and she really liked it when Ferryn was FUZZY22). Ferryn also helped Genevieve build a tomb for Bubastis.

Marly decided that Ferryn has a special set of pronouns, consisting of a series of arrangements and abbreviations of the word happycakes. It was apparently too difficult to ask "What are you today?" despite giving h.c. a set of pink and blue ribbons to indicate the day's gender preference.

NesQuarX gave Ferryn a craft box which she loved, but misplaced while going bug. He found it and transferred the contents to a tiny craft bag that improbably holds whatever is put in it without bloating a bit.23)

Kuroiten met Ferryn back when she was but a wee little Rookie and had yet to figure out that Improbability enjoys playing tricks on folk. He has appeared and disappeared from her particular story, and hopes to do more appearing and less disappearing in the future.

OmegaStopped getting surprised when Ferry changes her shape. Heck. Ferryn changes improbably more than she changes her coffee mug!Not to say either are bad things.

Reverb was there during her rather disastrous love affair with Joey (Mostly in the form of cynic comments from the bar), and took a liking to the unfortunate Contestant from there on. He's not realy sure how that happened, actually. He's currently mostly trying not to think of her as a family-sized meal.

Zelkova was there when Ferryn turned Zelkova into a Robin Hood action figure. This occurred shortly after she turned a certain pirate into, well, a pirate. 24) Ah, those were the good ol' days.

Bob Zarido is usually around now to go on crazy adventurrres. Whether they fight as giant monsters, turn into a highly improbably zoo, both get turned into little kids, zombies, whatever, they usually fight or argue at least once over it, then hug, then play. Its safe to say Bob views himself as a big brother to Ferryn. Hopefully he's safe in saying this.

Kestrel was unfortunate enough to lose a joker game to Ferryn during the possible25) jokerbug stage, resulting in three days of being a Rubik's cube. Kes considers Ferryn to be a great person, and fantastic fun to be around, even though that doesn't tend to happen as much these days.

We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics. ~Bill Vaughan26)

1) It's due to indecisiveness on her player's part
2) Actually this is to be remedied soom - watch this space!
3) Syn
4) Despite the assorted fears that come with it
5) mindless
6) mostly with rookies
7) Mostly NesQuarX's 'persuasion'
8) plushipede!
9) 20-foot
10) She thought Hax was Daddy.
11) see above, silly
12) Pun unintended
13) Not confusing! That would be the case if she had the Confusion fragment.
14) more or less
15) bizarre
16) or maybe not
17) First to add comments! YES!
18) Second, sort of. Xane's contribution was the quote below.
19) Fine I'll put in a real one. Sheesh.
20) Despite the best efforts of EVERYBODY IN THE COMMON GROUND
21) he hopes
23) It was a unique thing before PC arrived.
24) a large and plastic pirate
25) I've blinked since then, do you really expect me to remember?
26) stolen by Xane
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