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Emily, AKA that bloody fickle wench who serves as a barmaid in the Prancing Spiderkitty, is only of use to newbies for the occasional point of charm; she serves even less purpose than Seth, who at least occasionally gives you some stamina.1)2)3)

Emily is also the most eligible bachelorette on the island, since it is absolutely free to marry her and she's guaranteed to say yes. However, doing so causes you to lose 1 charm point every day of your marriage as, due to you being married, "you no longer need to maintain your pristine image".4) This charm can be gained back by flirting with Emily daily, but this does require a trip to I.C., and is largely not worth it.

1) Which is odd, considering he takes you up to his room on a regular basis..
2) You'd really think that would drain stamina.
3) Lots and lots of it.
4) What a lode of bollocks.
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