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A Record of the First Customers of The Pirate Port Tavern

  (11h11m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee steps into the bar room and moves behind the bar.
  (11h11m) <LAID> Asa Comeno stops short of the door.
  (11h10m) <LAID> Asa Comeno glances at Pace and smiles. "Hey there, brother."
 (11h10m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grabs a bar towel and starts to clean the bar top. He takes a deep breath and forces his normal smile onto his face. "Hey bro...what can I get you?"
  (11h8m) <LAID> Asa Comeno sits down at the bar. "I dunno. Something tasty." He looks around the bar. "Where's Erastos? I thought you two were inseparable."
 (11h7m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee shrugs and moves to the counter behind the bar. He clicks a few buttons on a hidden range and starts some food before setting a bottle of booze on the bar. "He's got a life outside of me."
  (11h4m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shrugs. "I... guess. How have things been going with him, by the way?"
 (11h2m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee prepares some stuffed greek grape leaves and places a plate of them in front of Asa, leaving the rest to stay warm in the pan. "Fine...we're good friends. He's really sweet to me."
  (11h) <LAID> Asa Comeno looks curiously at the food. "What's in these? ...You're only good friends still?"
 (10h59m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins. "It's vine leave stuffed with spiced meat. Popular in my home. And of course we're just friends right now...we're still getting to know on another."
  (10h56m) <LAID> Asa Comeno takes a bite of one and nods. "Pretty good... Does he even know you like him?"
 (10h52m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee shrugs and puts on a kettle. "I don't know...I don't think I'm subtle about it."
  (10h49m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shrugs and munches his food happily. "How've you been, by the way. Nobody's been mean to you, right?"
 (10h48m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee leans against the bar and pours Asa some Rum and Soda. "Why? What have you heard?"
  (10h46m) <LAID> Asa Comeno takes a sip of the freshly poured drink. "Just making sure."
 (10h45m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee sighs and smirks a bit. "How you paying for the meal bro?"
  (10h43m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shrugs. "Got some req."
 (10h42m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee 's ears perk to the sound of the kettle whistling. He moves to start making some tea. "I was just kidding..."
  (10h40m) <LAID> Asa Comeno laughs softly. "I wasn't sure if Gen was making you charge now or not."
 (10h38m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee laughs. "I was always planning on it! Just can't do it till I find someone that understand how bloody money works."
  (10h36m) <LAID> Asa Comeno chuckles. "Good luck with that."
  (10h33m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius glances in the door, looking around. This was where he was told to come... right?
  (10h32m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve walks in, dragging a mildly struggling Ebenezer and tea service.
 (10h32m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks at the new arrival. "Hello there. Can I help you?"
  (10h31m) <LAID> Asa Comeno waves to all the people entering and continues eating his food
   (10h34m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve barks to Pace "Get me tea! Put the kettle an! We've gat an Ebenezer what needs some antioxidants!"
  (10h33m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius waves, but quickly moves out of the way of Gen and Eben. His question had been answered.
 (10h33m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee blinks and then quickly sets another kettle on. "Green tea then?"
 (10h32m) <DICE> Ebenezer is still dutifully clinging to his kettle and hamper basket. He will not release it! Especially not when pirates are about!
  (10h32m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve drags Ebenezer all the way to the bar counter. She lets go of his ankle there and says to Pace "pet me an the bar, lad"
  (10h31m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve says seriously "Nae, he's nat ready fer green tea on ets own yet. One part Jasmine an' one part green tea, aye? My gaed stuff, if yee please"
 (10h31m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee moves around the bar and scoops Gen up, depositing her carefully on the bar top. He stops and sniffs before turning to STARE at Ebenezer.
  (10h30m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods in agreement with Pace's stare "I knae! I caldn't believe he's nevar had Jasmine Tea either!"
  (10h29m) <LAID> Asa Comeno headtilts. "So... what's going on, exactly?"
 (10h29m) <DICE> Ebenezer curls himself around his hamper basket and wraps his arm over the kettle, hugging these things tightly. He squeaks.
  (10h29m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius shuffles awkwardly and sits in a chair nearby, not saying anything. He was just trying to take this all in.
  (10h28m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve glares at Asa "Eben here s'nevar had Jasmine tea. I'm solvin' this shite right now."
 (10h28m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks over at Gen and smiles. "Jasmine yes..." He gives another long STARE at Eben before going behind the bar to put together the tea.
  (10h26m) <LAID> Asa Comeno raises both his eyes. "Green tea, huh? I've never had the brewed kind, but I used to drink gallons of it back home."
  (10h26m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shakes his head at a gremlin. Eyebrows.
  (10h25m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins in a satisfied way at Pace "Gaed." she looks down at Ebenezer "Set up an' look dignified, Neezer. Yer in my country, nae"
 (10h25m) <DICE> Ebenezer peeks one eye open and takes a brave look around. Well, this isn't so bad, really, is it?
  (10h25m) <LAID> Asa Comeno waves to Eben.
 (10h24m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee fills a pretty, if not chipped, tea cup with one part jasmine one part green tea. He drops a piece of rock sugar into it and floats a small jasmine flower in it. He then sets it in front of Eben.
 (10h24m) <DICE> Ebenezer , cringing, sits up. He looks more miserable than dignified.
  (10h24m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius changes seats to sit near Eben, and offers a comforting pat on the shoulder. Nothing to worry about, as far as he knew.
  (10h24m) <LAID> Asa Comeno suddenly realizes just how very little sense his last statement made."
  (10h23m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins at Eben and points to the cup "Tha's fer yee." she turns to Pace "Aww, why'd yee go an' put sugar en et?"
 (10h23m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks to Zecarius. "So can I get you anything mate?"
 (10h22m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee cocks his head toward Gen. "You're really going to ask why I put sugar in something?"
  (10h24m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns and says seriously "Lemon, Pace. Nat sugar with thes. Honey maybe. But nat sugar. But yee have a sweet tooth, I s'pose"
  (10h24m) <LAID> Asa Comeno resigns to being quiet and eating.
 (10h24m) <DICE> Ebenezer seems a bit hesitant to let go of his tea things, but he does. They are right beside him. He can save them if he has to. He mumbles, "Oh. Erm. Than-thank you."
  (10h24m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius looks at the... bartender, he supposed, and shakes his head. "No, I'm good," he remarks.
 (10h23m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins. "It's rock sugar, crystallized honey your majesty."
  (10h23m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve points at Zecarius "Pace, thes is one of the new Lackeys. Zecarius. Meethinks I'm gain' ta name him "sparky""
 (10h23m) <DICE> Ebenezer grimaces at Gen and Pace. "No-no-no. That's fine.. I'll drink it. It's fine." He doesn't want anyone to get gutted on account of his tea.
 (10h22m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee nods to Gen and then grins at Zecarius. "Good to meet you Sparky. I'm Pace...gunner for the crew and owner of this here Tavern."
  (10h22m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods approvingly at Pace. She then stands on the bar right in front of Eben. Watching him "Drink et, Nee-zor"
  (10h22m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius waves at the one introduced as Pace, before looking at the pirate queen, intrigued. Sparky? That was... new.
 (10h20m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee sets a thimble of green tea on the bar for Gen and turns his stare back on Eben. Something familiar but he can't place it...hrmmmm
  (10h20m) <LAID> Asa Comeno finishes his food and owns his drink, then smiles and nods to Pace and heads for the lift.
  (10h20m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve takes her thimble of tea. Still staring at Ebenezer. God, you'd think she poisoned him
 (10h19m) <DICE> Ebenezer ducks his head. He takes the cup in both hands and sips. His eyes dart to Gen, then to Pace.
  (10h18m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve throws a lump of sugar at Asa "whar d'yee think yer gain!? NOBODY LEAVES TILL THEY'VE HAD TEA!" She roars
 (10h18m) <DICE> Ebenezer 's eyes widen. He begins to consider that maybe the tea is poison!
 (10h18m) <DICE> Ebenezer flinches! Tea sloshes onto the bar!
  (10h18m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius winces, then raises one hand. "Actually, Pace, could I have a cup of tea then?"
  (10h18m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins wickedly at Ebenezer. She asks him "How es it?!" yes, she really looks like she's poisoned him
 (10h17m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee glares. "Hey! I just cleaned that bar. Drink the damn tea...put effort into something and somebody bloody spills it." He turns and starts making cups for all the others present.
  (10h16m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods at Pace "Aye, can't go spillin' any drops of me special tea"
  (10h16m) <LAID> Asa Comeno turns right back around and sits down at the bar again.
 (10h16m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins. "Mmmhmm. very special tea." He chuckles and sets an identical cup down for both Zecarius and Asa.
 (10h15m) <DICE> Ebenezer 's expression is stuck in a horrified grimace. "Sorry, sorry," he mumbles to Pace. He squeaks a reply to Gen, "Ver-very good. Am I going to die?"
 (10h15m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee drops a bit of rock sugar into both cups and then adds the flower before winking at Gen with a smirk. "Tea for all."
   (10h14m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods and grins at Pace, winking. She says to Ebenezer "Nat immediately.. no"
  (10h14m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius nods in appreciation to Pace, and drinks the tea, trusting that he wouldn't be poisoned. It tasted... hm, it wasn't that bad. Pretty good, to be honest.
  (10h14m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shrugs and takes a sip of the tea. "It's good."
  (10h12m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve smiles at Sparky and Asa "yee bettar believe ets gaed! S'me own special blend"
 (10h12m) <DICE> Ebenezer goes pale. He would have preferred immediately. "Oh," he says. His cup is shaking in his hands.
 (10h12m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins. "I"m only allowed to serve it to special clients."
  (10h11m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius nods in complete agreement. It was a bit sweet with that sugar in it, but it worked well. His tail flicks approvingly behind him.
 (10h10m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee 's nose twitches slightly. That scent is very familiar...He leans forward to STARE at Eben. No Pace has no concept of personal space. "Have you been in the mountains recently?"
  (10h9m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins at Ebenezer "Dan't warry. Yee wan't be dyin' till yee least expect it."
  (10h9m) <LAID> Asa Comeno nods and takes another sip. "Hmm. This may be the only time I ever drink this tea. That makes it taste even better."
 (10h8m) <DICE> Ebenezer cringes, leaning away from Pace. "No," he says. "Wait, yes. Yes. I'm not lying. Yes. I have." He works up there, after all.
 (10h8m) <DICE> Ebenezer 's eyes are as wide as they can be. He certainly does look worried about that!
 (10h7m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks to Gen and points at Eben accusingly. "He bloody broke into my windmill!!"
  (10h6m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius senses bad things coming, and opts to scoot a seat down. He just wanted to enjoy his apparently special tea. It was good, considering he hadn't really had much tea.
  (10h6m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns at Pace "I've nevar been t'yer bloody windmill yee bastich!"
  (10h6m) <LAID> Asa Comeno blinks and takes another sip. Windmill breaking and entering?
 (10h5m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee blinks for a moment and then crosses his arms. "I...that's besides the point right now." He turns to lean forward closer to Eben again. "You're the one that was snooping about."
  (10h4m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve watches Asa and Zecarius drinking. She's chuckling under her breath slightly
  (10h4m) <LAID> Asa Comeno glances at Gen. Should've known...
  (10h2m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius looks up to seen Gen watching him. He feels nervous; was he not drinking it fast enough? Or was... or was it actually poisoned?
  (10h2m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve isn't going to give anything away. She doesn't put any sugar in her tea, though.
  (10h) <LAID> Asa Comeno sets his cup of tea down and simply waits for something to happen to him.
  (10h) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve sips her tea, watching everyone. She's chuckling a little still.
  (9h59m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius looks at the tea, and shrugs; if he was doomed, then he might as well enjoy it. He downs the rest of the cup and gently places it back on the bar, completely empty.
  (9h58m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve smiles at Sparky "S'gaed, innit? S'me favorite tea"
 (9h59m) <DICE> Ebenezer doesn't deny it! He doesn't admit it either. In fact, he's not doing much of anything. Is he still breathing? He's sitting very straight and looking very pale. Maybe someone should check his pulse.
  (9h58m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius nods in agreement, grinning. "It is. Thank you for letting me have some of your special tea."
 (9h57m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee blinks and pokes his shoulder. He then laughs and leans back. "Hey Gen! Look!"
  (9h57m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve walks over and prods Ebenezer "I said yee'd die when yee least expect it. Yer thinkin' af it too much nae"
  (9h56m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve waves off Sparky "Nae prablem. ets a specail occasion after all!"
  (9h55m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve continues to poke ebenezer. Gods, did she scare him to death? That'd be unfortunate.
  (9h55m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns and says seriously to Pace "How much did yee put en there, Pace?"
  (9h54m) <LAID> Asa Comeno glances at his cup and takes just one more sip. It's really good...
 (9h54m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee tries to stifle his laughter. "Maybe if we got a pointy stick..."
 (9h53m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee blinks at Gen and then stammers. "J-Just one. I s-swear!"
 (9h53m) <DICE> Ebenezer squeaks! If he were in another situation, he'd be swatting at Gen and telling her not to touch him, but he's a kidnapee. He has to behave. He finally spouts, "I didn't touch anything!"
  (9h53m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve is enthralled with the idea of a pointy stick. But then she has an even better idea. "Well, nae that he's dead.... we can nick his tea service!!"
  (9h52m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns "Aww, yer awake."
 (9h52m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee laughs and then sighs. "Aw...and I like that tea service...but since you're alive...you owe me for snooping around you bloody snoop."
 (9h52m) <DICE> Ebenezer bellows, "I'm not dead! Don-don't touch my tea service!" He will fight them off with his fountain pen if he must!
  (9h51m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve turns to Sparky and Asa "Dan't warry, boys. Yee ain't gain ta die tonight. I'm glad yee like me tea, thae. Stole it meeself!"
 (9h50m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee would honestly love to match his blunderbuss to a fountain pen. What an epic battle!
  (9h50m) <LAID> Asa Comeno grabs his cup and drains the last of it. Okay, so the tea is amazing. Big deal.
  (9h50m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius nods, though her wording does cause him to pale a bit. Die "tonight"... there may be long term reprecussions from this tea.
  (9h50m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve smiles warmly at Ebenezer and pats his hand "Oh calm daen yee wound-up son af a budget horse. I'm kiddin'. I'd anly steal yer req"
  (9h50m) <LAID> Asa Comeno raises an eyebrow. "Who'd you rob?"
 (9h49m) <DICE> Ebenezer turns his grimace on Pace. "I didn't take anything. I-I just had a look," he tries.
  (9h48m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve waves off Asa "No one yee knae. But I dan't eat in Kittania any more"
 (9h48m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee deadpans. "I made my house float hundreds of feet in the air...if that doesn't scream privacy I don't know what does. You. Owe. Me. You could just donate your tea service and call it even..."
  (9h46m) <LAID> Asa Comeno thinks about Kittania. Coukd be Bob's or someone from his group... Maiko... random kittymorph... 
  (9h47m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve says to Pace "Nah, Pace... he owes yee more than some mugs." her grin turns wicked "Make him wark"
 (9h46m) <DICE> Ebenezer points his index finger at Pace. "No tea service."
 (9h46m) <DICE> Ebenezer never thought he'd be afraid of work, but the way Gen has said it... he puts his cup down before he drops it.
 (9h45m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks at Gen and then grins wickedly back at Eben. "Oh she's right...you should work!"
  (9h45m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve stares Eben up and down like a side of meat. She says "We cald make him wark en the brothel..."
 (9h44m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee hmms. "Think anyone would pay for him in the brothel?"
  (9h44m) <LAID> Asa Comeno bursts into laughter.
 (9h44m) <DICE> Ebenezer squawks, "No!" Not a brothel! What would his mother say?
  (9h43m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods "I knae a few people who wald... aye..."
  (9h43m) <LAID> Asa Comeno thinks Eben's mother would say boring things...
  (9h43m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius can't help chuckling at the idea. Still, he didn't dislike Eben enough to condone the idea. But it wasn't up to him; he was a mere lackey.
  (9h42m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve chuckles and says "But it'd prally loosen yee up right gaed!"
 (9h42m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee chuckles. "I can think of a few actually...but he said no...hrm..."
 (9h41m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee walks into one of the back rooms and returns with a pink feather boa. He wraps it around Eben and grins. "Oh look he'd fit right in!"
  (9h41m) <LAID> Asa Comeno smirks and whispers "In more ways than one."
  (9h41m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve says to Pace "oi! Yee need ta start pullin' a profit here, right!? I need me money!"
  (9h39m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve chuckles at Asa and Pace's comment.
 (9h39m) <DICE> Ebenezer rips the boa off of his shoulders and tosses it to the floor. "I won't do it!"
 (9h38m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks up at Gen and gives a sigh. "Well...I doubt this group will pay...you know I'm not that good with money..."
  (9h37m) <LAID> Asa Comeno smiles warmly and approaches Eben. "It's not so terrible once you get used to it, trust me."
  (9h36m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius hears about the work, and suddenly becomes very interested with his empty cup. Hopefully he wouldn't have to work in said brothel... he had a wife. Also, brothels smelled; the air was suffocating.
 (9h35m) <DICE> Ebenezer 's face and ears have gone red. He points at Asa. "I would-wouldn't trust you with anything," he sneers.
  (9h34m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve is rolling around on the bar, laughing hysterically
 (9h33m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee pats Eben's shoulder gently. "Oh relax will you..." He hmms...if no brothel...then what?
  (9h32m) <LAID> Asa Comeno headtilts. "Why's that, Eben? Don't trust sluts?"
 (9h30m) <DICE> Ebenezer flinches away from Pace's hand. He straightens his shirt and braces. He answers Asa, "Why-why-why would you even call yourself that?"
  (9h30m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius would suggest that Eben makes tea here, considering that he already does that... but he's sure that such an obvious idea would have already occured to them.
  (9h30m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve says to Asa "yer nat a slut, yer jest an id'jit. Nobody trusts an id'jit
  (9h29m) <LAID> Asa Comeno grins at Eben. "Doesn't everyone call me that? It's the correct term, isn't it?"
 (9h28m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee pulls his hand away. He's now spinning a fancy fountain pen between his fingers. It then clicks. He points the pen at Eben. "You understand money and that stuff right?"
  (9h28m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shakes his head at Gen. "I'm having fun. Don't ruin it."
 (9h26m) <DICE> Ebenezer frowns at Asa. "I certainly hope not- hey!" He makes a grab for the pen. "My pen! Yes. I do." He is confident that he understands money.
 (9h25m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee tucks the pen behind one of his kittylike ears. "Can you keep books and help a business turn a profit?"
  (9h24m) <LAID> Asa Comeno laughs softly. "Guess nobody trusts me because I'm an idjit, then."
  (9h24m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods at Asa "Duh. Gahd. Yer such an Id'jit"
 (9h23m) <DICE> Ebenezer seems startled. "Can-can I? Yes." That's what he was made for.
  (9h22m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius 's ears are turned to listen in on the conversation, but the rest of him doesn't seem quite there... probably thinking about something...
 (9h22m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins and crosses his arms. "Then will you do that for me here at the Tavern? Well...if your positive you wouldn't feel more comfortable in the brothel..."
  (9h21m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve rubs her hands together at Pace's last words "That'd be a dandy little theng, aye?"
  (9h20m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shrugs at Gen. "So, what's this tea's deep, dark, secret, anyway?"
 (9h20m) <DICE> Ebenezer 's face pulls into a frown at once. "No brothel," he demands.
  (9h19m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins at Asa "Cyanide"
 (9h18m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee sighs dramatically. "Well it's a big loss but...the Tavern then?" He holds out his hand for a deal binding shake.
  (9h17m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius suddenly becomes very attentive. Cyanide? If his memory was right... that wasn't a good thing.
  (9h15m) <LAID> Asa Comeno shakes his head. "Seriously, Gen. If it were cyanide, we'd already be dead."
  (9h14m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins at Asa "Hemlock, then? Nightshade? Pick yer poison!" she laughs hysterically
 (9h14m) <DICE> Ebenezer flinches, distracted from Pace's hand for a moment. "Cy-cyanide?" He is alarmed!
  (9h13m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius pauses, then pinches himself. It hurt a bit... but that was it. He wasn't feeling in any other pain... maybe it was a secret poison?
 (9h12m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee chuckles. "Hemlock...much easier for me to work with." He crosses his arms and waits patiently for Eben to come back round to the subject of work. This is just too amusing though.
  (9h9m) <LAID> Asa Comeno rolls his eyes and heads for the lift. "I'm calling your bluff, Gen."
  (9h10m) <DICE> Ebenezer , frowning, turns back to Pace. He takes Pace's hand and shakes, declaring, "I'll do your books if I don't die of p-poi-poisoning."
  (9h9m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve shrugs "S'arright. S'mercury anyway"
 (9h9m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins and shakes Eben's hand firmly. "Wonderful! Hold on I'll get you the ledger for my weapon sales!" He dashes toward the armory.
  (9h7m) <LAID> Asa Comeno nods. "I'll make a not to not eat any fish or thermometers."
   (9h6m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius tries to think; wasn't mercury bad too? Eh, he was no poison expert... not even a poison amateur. He mainly just hoped he didn't die. It had worked so far.
   (9h6m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve shrugs at Asa "I'll let Gordon knae, then"
   (9h5m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve really isn't going to kill anyone. Particularly not her crew
   (9h5m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee returns to the bar room and sets the ledger on the bar top. "Here we are...had plenty of guns sales. Good profit in selling 'em and taking 'em back."
   (9h5m) <LAID> Asa Comeno blinks. "Gordon?"
   (9h3m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods "Gordon, th' Fisherman."
   (9h1m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius perks at the name; she had mentioned it before. He needed to meet this Gordon...
   (9h) <LAID> Asa Comeno snrks and gives a small wave before heading out
   (9h) <DICE> Ebenezer 's fingers twitch and grab the ledger. He opens it up and suddenly looks very confused. Then disgusted. Then a bit angry. "What...is this?"
   (9h) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve doesn't remember mentioning Gordon before. UNIT #8867-4 is an amusing guy, though.
   (9h) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee blinks. "Um...a record of the weapon sales...duh"
   (8h58m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius is pretty sure she mentioned him after asking about salmon. Course, he could be making this up. But now that his mind was on it, salmon sounded tasty...
   (8h58m) <DICE> Ebenezer taps his finger down onto the page and looks up at Pace with a scowl. "You've got one entry. Crooked. And it de-degenerates into nothing but wonky doodles after that!"
   (8h57m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee shakes his head. "No no...look." He points to a column of poorly drawn guns. "That's what I sold." He then points to a column of stick figures. "That's who they were sold to."
   (8h56m) <DICE> Ebenezer snarls, "How much did-did-did-did-did you sell them for?"
   (8h54m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee smiles and points to a column that shows varying amounts of stars. "One star means cheap, two stars medium, three stars expensive." He seems very proud of his system
   (8h52m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve did say that, didn't she. She makes a note to bring Sparky a salmon. She snrks at Pace
   (8h51m) <DICE> Ebenezer tries to keep himself calm with slow, deep breaths. His eye twitches. "How much did it cost you to procure the items? Cost of running the business? Materials? Wages?"
   (8h49m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee blinks. "Um...I don't know...Nathaniel makes the stuff for me...he doesn't ask for anything...is that stuff important? Should I have made the book pop up...I knew I missed something."
   (8h49m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius shakes himself out of his fish daze, and shuffles back over to the group to look at the book. Wow... it was... wow. No other way to explain it.
   (8h49m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns at Eben and Pace "I thought I did wages?"
   (8h47m) <DICE> Ebenezer slams the book closed, offended. "Records! Where are your records? I can't-can't-I can't work with this. I've got to start all over!"
   (8h46m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee laughs. "Silly Eben. That book is all the records I have! It's all there!"
   (8h46m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve throws her hand in the air "Oh oh! I've gat recards!"
   (8h45m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks at Gen and then smiles reassuringly at Eben. "Look Gen has more records. See? It'll turn out ok!"
   (8h44m) <DICE> Ebenezer tries not to cry. He tries very hard. He buries his face in his hands, pushing his spectacles up to his forehead.
   (8h43m) <DICE> Ebenezer peeks between his fingers. Muffled, he asks, "Gen has rec-records?"
   (8h43m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve takes out her record. The book is her size. So its about an inch tall.
   (8h43m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee nods. "Yes she just said she had records!"
   (8h42m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius leans back and sits quietly. He wasn't much for full records; his only written information were the notes on his legs. Good thing Gen had records.
   (8h40m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve waggles her record book at Ebenezer
   (8h40m) <DICE> Ebenezer puts his specs back where they belong and leans in close. He frowns. "Are-are they all in there?" he sounds miserable.
   (8h38m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve says "This recard has the wages I pay the peoples of me court. That includes Nathan an' Pace 'ere."
   (8h38m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius begins to wish that Eben's glasses had great magnification. If not... he may implode. Again. But this time more literally, with flames.
   (8h37m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee 's ears perk up greatly at the sound of his wages. "Do I get paid soon?"
   (8h37m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve nods seriously at Pace and throws a small satchel at him.
   (8h37m) <DICE> Ebenezer 's spectacles may not even be his exact prescription. He will never be able to read a book that small! "Engh!" That's what he has to say about that.
   (8h35m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee catches the satchel. Mmm wages..." He reaches into the satchel and pulls out a gummy bat. "Eben this is how much I make!" He hold up the bat.
   (8h35m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee sets the bat down and pulls out the three foot gummy snake. "This too!"
   (8h34m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns slightly. Her book is smaller than one of the lenses on Eben's glasses. She says "Erm... I wrote thes in the Enquirer, too"
   (8h33m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve also says "Aaan' this'l get bigger when I'm a joker next"
   (8h32m) <DICE> Ebenezer doesn't seem alarmed that the wages are in gummy form. He's measured things in bottlecaps, balls of yarn, and pants before. At the mention of The Enquirer, he perks. "Oh! Oh, good."
   (8h31m) <DICE> Ebenezer relaxes visibly at Gen's next statement. He sighs, "Good, then-then maybe I can even read it then."
   (8h31m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee takes a bite from the gummy snake and then swallows the whole thing down. Boy has an appetite. "So...can you salvage the books then?"
   (8h27m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve grins at Eben, expectant
   (8h24m) <DICE> Ebenezer mumbles, "Well, I-I can try. I'll do what I can. And we can start taking prop-proper records starting now." He straightens his spectacles.
   (8h24m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve shrugs "I've always taken propar records. I'm a math parson, you knae that, Nee-zar"
   (8h24m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee smiles brightly. "Oh thank you thank you thank you!!" He leaps across the bar to give Eben a hug, good thing Pace isn't too heavy of he'd thrown the poor man off the stool. "Thank you!"
   (8h22m) <DICE> Ebenezer anghs miserably! "Personal space! Bubble! Bubble!"
   (8h21m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius nods, his ears and tail twitching. Ah, math... nothing wrong with it at all.
   (8h20m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve loves math. Mm. Calculus. She eats that for breakfast.
   (8h20m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee releases Eben. "Bubble?"
   (8h19m) <DICE> Ebenezer lives maths. He sucks in a breath when Pace releases him, brushing himself off. "Per-personal space bubble. Around me," he explains.
   (8h18m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius wouldn't say he was as fond of calculus, but he was up for some good ole probability... or even some physics. They were crunchy, and tasty in a bowl of milk.
   (8h18m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee ahs and then yawns. "Bubble duly noted..."
   (8h17m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve was in a bubble once. She makes a mental note to violently murder Korbel for that.
   (8h17m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee for the record bloody HATES math...he's sure this makes him the outcast but he cant help it.
   (8h16m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve yawns too. It is a small squeaky yawn. D'aw.
   (8h14m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee stretches his arms. "I don't know about you lot but I'm going to bed." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a silver key, which he places in front of Eben. "Use the armory for an office.
   (8h14m) <DICE> Ebenezer suddenly has the urge to check the time on his pocketwatch. He screws up his face. "I've been here for-forever. I should really get going, I think."
   (8h14m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee walks toward the overnight room. "I would like the books done soon so you can hang on to that. Good Luck!" He laughs then disappears into the other room.
   (8h13m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve looks at Pace with big eyes. Those eyes say "Bed"
   (8h13m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius would have to say he's an outcast of this group considering that he can't make tea. However, he ends up yawning instead. That was contagious!
   (8h13m) <DICE> Ebenezer accepts this key! He puts it in his pocket with his Shop and Warehouse key. He won't get them confused because they are different colours. "An office... thank you."
   (8h12m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve lets out another squeaky yawn.
   (8h12m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee ambles back out, drawn by the d'aww eyes. He scoops Gen off and takes her to her bed on the Jackalope.
   (8h11m) <Nox> Vagrant Zecarius waves to everyone politely, before slinking out of the door. Definately bedtime.
   (8h11m) <TYPES> Pirate Queen Genevieve clappities. She's happy.
   (8h8m) <DICE> Ebenezer takes Pace's ledger. He'll go after Gen's when she's big again. Taking his kettle and hamper basket, he escapes the Tavern, heading back towards NewHome.
   (8h8m) <TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee returns. He yawns hugely and then heads back to the room. He calls a "Night honey." over his shoulder before laughing his way to bed.
   (8h7m) <DICE> Ebenezer harumphs over his shoulder at Pace as he exits.
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