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Fishing: a Beginner's guide

Fishing is an enjoyable past time and a great way to gain extra stamina. Walk around long enough in any body of water and eventually you may catch something. 1)2)

It's off to fishy Heaven

After catching a fish there several ways you can dispatch of the juicy morsel before cooking. They are:

  • Tossing it against a hard object 3)
  • Giving it a small sip of Alcohol 4)
  • Buying the Microwave from Shelia's and stuffing the fish in 5)

Cleaning & Cooking

Now it's just a simple matter of cleaning and cooking your delicious fish.

Remember: Sushi requires no cooking, however eating raw Mackerel and Salmon might give you some nasty little parasites.

Be wary! Along with the mostly harmless fish swimming about, several other beings lurk beneath the waves.

1) having the fishing rod greatly improves your chances though
2) Alternatively, something may catch you.
3) rock, tree,Budget Horse, etc.
4) must be purchased from Dan
5) will only work with fish smaller than a loaf of bread
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