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The basics: Flaze

Name: Flaze Darkwing


Previous Species: Turian Turianmorph Demonic Human Turian Ghost Wolfmorph! Turian! Argh, now she's a zombie thing! Southern Sergal Cyborg Turian

Status: Lazy as all hell ACTIVE - NB- Slept for over 2 decades of Island Time. Memory issues.

Gender: Female Male Female!

Skin colour: Lightly tanned, black fur on ears and tail. Bluish? 1) 2)3) 4) Blue again.

Age: Spatially distorted

Normal Height: 6'

Length (Dragon form): Last approximation, 55 feet. May be growing over time. Cause unknown.

Distinguishing markings: Star symbol over right eye.

Mutations: Levo-Amino Based Biology (As opposed to Dextro-Amino for a normal Turian.) Jokerish tendancies. Wings 5)

Clan: Classy Avengers and Knights-Errant. 6)

FORMERLY Married to:
Close relations
Close friends, or allies (At least, from her point of view...)
  • Grey Ashe
  • Sage Wanderer
  • Kolojang
  • Shi
  • Unknown


The exact details of how this contestant came to be are unclear. There was no radar contact before the crash occured, and certainly no turians dropped onto the island. A contestant who's details are unknown may have come into contact with the improbable event of the ship being summoned and become Flaze, however exactly what led to that is unknown 8) What is listed below is... in part from her perspective and observations. 9)

Flaze came to the Island as a Turian, crashlanding a ship north of Kittania. She spent some time settling in, starting a feud with the cameras (Somewhat one-sided, perhaps.) Her first drive kill resulted in her becoming a Turian kittymorph.

An incident with Trex resulted in her gaining both wings and a severe lack of good judgement. It took some time, and a considerable amount of intervention from Talz, an AI originally installed into Flaze's cybernetic implants, before she decided to give him another chance.10)

She became involved in the Symbionts when she saw Cage kill Vince, initially trying to go on the warpath against them. Eventually, whilst trying to stop their arrival, she ended up with one herself, named Deumos, whom which she has worked with well since.

Some time later, Flaze and Deumos split into two entities, Flaze a ghostly turian, Deumos a ghostly wolf. During this time she first met Clue, an (At the time) paranoid as hell kitty. Meanwhile, she discovered the Faceless, and, as an indirect result, not long after becoming a Kittymorph again, wiped her own memory.

The memory wipe resulted in Grace, a female kittymorph, similar in appearance to Flaze 11)12) being "born". Currently, Grace and Flaze tend to stick together around the island, sharing a room at CAKE HQ.

Oh dear. She ended up as a smokemorph for a while. And she became a he. But now she's back to normal. Right? 13) Yeah, so she's kinda dead. And pale, and cold. No pulse. But standing up. Okay, okay, so she's a zombie. And then she became a Turian Cyborg! Very precise movements. Flickering eyes. Voice sounds a bit off.

What's going on these days, then?

The exact details of why Flaze wound up sleeping so long are unknown. However, what is known is the form she was in at the time, until she recently fought and destroyed the drive once more. A human appearance Joker, though her tendacy was to wear steel capped boots, a maid outfit and wield naught but a mace through the jungle.

Post DK, she now appears to be somewhat draconic in form. No sign has been found, thus far, of joker abilities. Other abilities are still in question, though as she fights and eats fallen monsters she does seem to be growing in size significantly.

Comments from others (Go on, go nuts.)

Clue Says "This ex-Turian is nuts. Not a Turian anymore?! Are you kidding me?! Who would do that?! Something is wrong in her head I tell you!"

  • Flaze replies "It wasn't my fault the Drive took exception to me being me! And as for something being wrong in my head? Yeah, not even denying that."
  • Clue replies "Oh, at least you admit it. Acceptance is the first step."
  • Flaze just grins in reply.
  • Clue pounces the grinner.
  • Clue says "Ok, so she's a Turian again.. I do not rescind anything!"

Clue Says "She Turned Me Into Girl! Run For Your ManHood Guys, RUN!"

  • Flaze grins. "Yes, run, it makes it more fu- I mean! I deny everything!"
  • Clue headtilts. "You haven't even tried anything yet ;P"
  • Clue rescinds her previous statement.
1) And fat. Probably fat. Fat is definitely a color!
2) Okay, which bastard put this here?
3) I know who my father is, thank you very much.
4) Wasn't me. ~Clue.
5) Sometimes
6) Mostly Errant.
7) Szara now? Fuck knows
8) Because some bugger spilled the coffee pot over that file. Dammit Frank.
9) And might not be too reliable for it
10) And look how it turned out!
11) Except for being shorter by a foot, more slender, and liable to pounce tails and tie ribbons all over them.
12) She also pounces Clue all the time
13) What is this normal you speak of?
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