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THE FULL METAL LION MEMORIAL PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER COMBAT SYSTEM, or fmlpvp for short, is an unofficial pvp system to complement roleplaying for players who yearn to determine the outcomes of competitions (especially fights) with random numbers. It has never once actually been used.

Doing the Thing

In short, /roll the sum of the number of DriveKills you have and four times your level. The person with a higher roll wins, ties indicate ties. If you don't know how to /roll things, ask some kind person in Banter to do it for you.

For those of you who like formulae more than words1) that's /roll (DKs + 4*level)2)

The battle or contest can be roleplayed however is desired, but must conclude as the rolls have determined.


We start with the assumption that Improbable Island was supposed to be balanced at some point. When a contestant kills the Drive, he is offered a choice between 1 attack point, 1 defence point, and 5 hitpoints. This suggests that all of those options are, in some way, supposed to be equal. Ergo, each DK contributes +1 to a contestant's FULL METAL LION MEMORIAL POWER LEVEL, or fmlp for short.

Each level a contestant gains grants him 1 attack point, 1 defense point, and 103) hitpoints, and thus each level contributes +4 to his fmlp.

HP from the Gauntlet is not tracked, nor is HP from other sources, because those sources are not verifiable from looking at a character's biography page, and it is largely agreed by the Island population that if the combat system was logical and fulfillingn't so stupid, the Gauntlet would unbalance the system anyway.4)

1) I know I do!
2) to be clear: you have to do the math, typing /roll (DKs + 4*level) into chat will result in the chat mocking you for not typing in a number
3) 2*5
4) It's so much easier to get HP from the Gauntlet than to DK
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