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The Gallery of Shame

Ah, the Gallery of Shame. A place where everyone can share their artistic expressions, be they painter, singer, photographer, interpretive dancer, low-quality image-manipulator, or... anything, really. Unfortunately, the Gallery of Shame, originally known as "The People's Glorious Gallery of Shame", was cobbled together in 1917 by the illiterate Russian peasant Gustav Shvernik. Gustav was a firm believer in the sharing of ideas, art, and information, but he bungled a few minor details of the PHP. As such, one must remain wary when using the Gallery of Shame, lest something go terribly wrong.

How to Use the Gallery of Shame

Hope for the best, and MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE RIGHT ALBUM. IF YOU DON'T SELECT AN ALBUM, YOUR PICTURE WILL GO INTO THE ROBOT PICS ALBUM. THAT WOULD BE MILDLY EMBARRASSING. Also, add some tags. By default, the Gallery will try to convert your image to a JPG when you upload it. You probably don't want that to happen, so check the "Do not convert original to JPG" box next to every file you upload.

If you successfully upload a picture, you might receive a white page with an error message telling you to turn off the Geeklog debugging. If you find a way to turn off the Geeklog debugging, please do so. If, like most of us, you can't turn off shit, then ignore the message and check the Gallery to see your art there.

Things that Could Use Improvement


  • Submitting an image gets you greeted with an error message telling you to turn off the Geeklog debugging. This is-- just a hunch-- probably because CavemanJoe needs to turn off Geeklog debugging.
  • There are a lot of bracketed phrases, like "{!if musicalbum}" and "{!if edit_link}" that probably aren't supposed to be viewable. This may be due to the Geeklog debugging.
  • There may be a bug where images are duplicated on submission, which would account for all the duplicate images. Or, perhaps, users just encountered the Geeklog debugging error message page and, startled, reloaded the page or retried the uploading process.


  • The October Contest Robot Pics Album is the default album, despite the fact that few people have a legitimate call to upload anything to that album any more, and generally one wants to upload to Fan Art and Stuff. As a result, lots of random crap is in the October Contest Album and the Robot Pics Album.
  • The October Bonus Contest Album is empty. The entries that are supposed to got there are mixed in with the October Contest Album. (The October Bonus Contest Album has been removed)
  • It would be neat to have an album for programming grids, for use in the Places tutorials.1) (pictures of programming grids are now stored elsewhere on Improbable Island's server)
  • It would be neat to have an album for music submitted after the October Contest.


  • A way to edit2) one's own submissions would be appreciated, though it's possible this is already a feature that the Geeklog Debugging has somehow disabled.
  • A download link on each entry's page (without having to manipulate the url)3)4) would be super cool.
  • Better instructions on how to use the Keywords (tags) function (e.g. instructions to enter words separated by spaces, and the advice that you should probably add "typeofwork gamerace charactername artist" would be nice).
  • The ability to add Keywords to existing media would also make us happy.
1) Otherwise they'll have to be stored off-island. Ick!
2) or re-upload a new version to over-write the old
3) quick guide on how to do that for you readers, though: when you're on the page of some work in the gallery, the url in your address box will look something like enquirer.improbableisland.com/mediagallery/media.php?f=0&sort=0&s=[the id of the media]. You want to edit it to look like enquirer.improbableisland.com/mediagallery/download.php?mid=[the id of the media]. Once you do that, and hit enter, you will be taken to the download.
4) There's a greasemonkey script to add a download link to the page using this process here
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