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Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster

A magical, wonderful drink1)2) that will give you almighty powers to crush anything in your way. However, without a proper clan buff or natural reflection, you will die from this drink. This will cause you to go see the Watcher on her Failboat in your drunk state, and she will have to 'sober you up'.3) You may only buy three a day, and these have been known to cause a lot of inebriation with the Major Generals, especially when singing.4)

The drink gives you a massive attack buff5) that lasts around 15 rounds, plus a lesser defense buff.6) If you consume one of these drinks and head into the jungle to smite a few monsters with your weapon of choice7), you will wake up covered in your own blood8) or someone else's, but you'll also find you've earned a lot of experience too. Just watch out for that hangover after you've sobered up.9)

Now then - drink up, me hearties. Yo ho ho!10)11)12)

1) Not meant for depressed Robots, Gobots, or Fobots.
2) The experience of drinking one has been compared to "having one's brain smashed out with a gold brick wrapped in a slice of lemon".
3) You know what I mean.
4) Yes, let's all sing the Major General Song!
5) As in 3,000 to 4,000 points
6) Around 15 to 25 points.
7) don't be shocked by the tone of my voice
8) Quite the sobering experience!
9) It can have quite the negative affect on your Defense level until it wears off.
10) This is meant to be a drinking joke and is notin any way a pirate-y joke. Even though Cheshire Cat and Jesus the Pirate Ninja are pirates. And Jokermorphs.
11) . . . And really bad eggs.
12) Cheshire's pretty o.k.! That other wanker, though...
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