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An Explanation of A Gentleman's Agreement - By Max Dougwell

Two Jokers are strolling through The Jungle, massacring creatures and talking amongst themselves.

The Jokers come across a newbie.

Joker 1: I say! Look! Its a newbie! How utterly comical!

Joker 2: Shall we kill it?

Joker 1: That would certainly be a lark! But I think I would like to stalk it awhile first!

Joker 2: But is it not my right as a Joker to kill him now?

Joker 1: My good sir, I have never suggested otherwise! I merely believe that we should wait awhile!

Joker 2: By my honor I cannot simply succumb to your every whim, cannot we come to some agreement?

Joker 1: Of course, my dear friend! We shall utilize a Gentleman's Agreement!

Joker 2: But my good fellow, I have nether seen nor heard of such a thing, whatever in the world is it? This Gentleman's Agreement?

Joker 1: Allow me to tell you a story. . .

Joker 1 speaks in a sing-song voice.

Joker 1: Once upon a time. . .

Deep in the forest, two people were chatting, chatting about the day,

when suddenly one turned to other and said, a gentleman's agreement works this way!

Despite your right to wield your might and make sure assailant pays,

You disregard right and withhold might as long as agreement stays!

Is that fair? The other replied. Such a test seems untoward,

Whether he fails or foe prevails, the failure of body or word is assured!

Pfft! Laughs the first. Your logic's the worst! The proof is here to see!

As a gentleman true, such a promise, I renew! Well? Test it! Go on, hit me!

The other swung hard, the other swung true and for seventeen hours at that,

and when he was done, pulled out the ribcage and wore it as a hat.

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