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Geo Stelar

Well, where to begin?.... Maybe at the start? Nah, let's start with a description

Physical Appearance

About nineteen years of age if looks are anything to go by1)2)3).

Very skinny and lanky yet surprisingly muscled, probably about six two, maybe six three and weighing 166lb.

Shoulder length red hair that almost burns and blazes in the sunlight.

Pale and unblemished skin, completely smooth to the touch.

And those eyes, those blue yes that could break a hear and possibly steal a soul if it were not anchored to it's body.

He also seems to speak with a thick Scottish accent, though can also adopt a plain one for those who can't understand him.


Geo has a bit of a tough bravado filled exterior from growing up in the harsh post EMP Highlands of Scotland, but despite this he has a rather soft center, like the inside of a chocolate truffle, not really hard at all and easily melted.4)

He likes going for walks through the countryside and forests, reading books, exploring and showing he's tough5).


6)Geo was born and raised on the moors of Scotland. His family managed to survive the post EMP world by going back to their roots and farming sheep, due to this Geo is a rather fit individual, having to often cart sick sheep over fields to the barns to be treated... or slaughtered if their condition was too bad7).

At the age of eighteen he was two things by his father, first was a silver Skeleton Fob Watch8), the second was a preemptive beating for when he loses said watch.

Next day he was taken to the island, and thus his story begins.9)

1) Sometimes they lie more than this wiki, in this case they are true.
2) Or are they?
3) ....Probably.
4) The shell is really thin and easily cracked away, if you know how.
5) Even though he's a Nancy boy
7) It's a cruel world but needs must, it's not all fluffy
9) .....so not may answers then
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