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Giorgia Ellis

If you're expecting something eloquent-like, then this is not the biography to be reading.

The Basic Dossier

Age: 28

Birthday: February 11

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 200 pounds

Hometown: Outside Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Skin colour: Olive-toned

Eye colour: Grey

Hair colour: Brown

Personality: She is grumpy and hard to deal with. Best way to describe her is rough around the edges.

The Long and Boring History

Georgia was born in Florence, Italy to (at the time) proud parents Anthony and Estelle Ellis.

She grew up in a small house with her parents and older brother, Stephen and had a fairly normal childhood up until she was eight years old. She'd never really thought about how controlling her parents were up until her brother went missing - at least that's what they called it.

Georgia was probably to young to realize it but her brother at sixteen, ran away from home. Upon later reflection, she had no idea why she hadn't realized it, but he had told her to take care of herself and not let their parents control her life. She should have known better.

Long story short though, her brother had run away and was never found. After that, her parents became a little too relaxed. They didn't offer her any real direction and tried their best to stay out of her business. They didn't even really ask her what she had learned at school or anything of the like.

And speaking of school, Georgia was picked on a lot. When she was younger, it was for her greasy hair and gangly figure. She was taller than most boys growing up which subjected her to childish torment. Not that it got any better as school progressed. In high school, it was again for her height, her plainness, her lack of any sort of shape or curve.

Because of this, she became self concious and made a point of not even trying to make herself appear feminine. As far as she was concerned, she was just one of the guys.

Flash forward to University, Georgia knew what she wanted to study. Natural Science and Veternary studies. And it was here that she had met her fiancee, Ryan.

A very different girl at the time, Georgia had still been naive and probably a little bit of a romantic. She had fallen in love with him, dated him and eventually, after two years, agreed to marry him

It was the summer of the fourth year of University that everything changed. Georgia, who had even made small attempts to appear feminine from time to time, who was a - if you can believe it - socialite, changed. Georgia found out (I honestly haven't thought to closely on how but I'll get back to you) that Ryan was cheating on her with some voluptuous whores (and not all of them were actually the working type) and she's been a cynic pretty much ever since then. Especially since when they were breaking it off, he told her she would have been better born a man.

Anyways! She pretty much threw herself into her studies after that and found a definite preference for the company of animals over humans - animals weren't clique-y or judgemental.

After the breaking off of her engagement, she didn't go out or spend time with friends anymore. And after University, she became kind of a hermit. She moved to Tuscanny to live on an isolated ranch as a veternarian. Occasionally she would socialize with the other farmhands and would join in some gambling. But other than meals, she spent more time with the animals - specifically horses.

The only people she really got close to were the owners of the ranch. As for her parents, whom I realize I did not elaborate on, they kind of fell out of touch once Georgia got into her fourth year of university.

Then, one night, while she was asleep, she was picked up and dropped on this island.


Georgia is claustrophobic and demophobic. She's got no sea legs whatsoever and becomes horribly seasick. She doesn't like clowns and will not associate with anyone she considers to be a slut or whore.

She is rough around the edges, curses alot and is really, a rather gruff and grumpy individual. With the exception of being a Joker, but that's a story for later.


Human (Georgia Ellis)

She is 6 feet tall, shapeless and all muscle, and has sun tanned skin from the amount of time she spends outside. Her eyes are grey and her limp brown hair, once tied back in a dirty braid is now a fluff of short brown hair surrounding her face with two braids coming from her temples. She wears a red plaid shirt, black jeans and old, sturdy hiking boots. There is also a feather attached to the end of one of her braids.

Kittymorph (Mangy Georgia Ellis)

Again, she is 6 feet tall or long, lean and all of it muscle. Her fur is golden brown but matted and dirty. Short story, she looks like a mangy alley cat. She has the temperment to match. Shi's feather is tied around her tail.

Zombie (Lackluster Georgia Ellis)

Still 6 feet tall (really, its not going to change) and, well, decomposing. Her tanned skin appears pale and sallow, broken by bits of bone and rotting flesh. Her grey eyes are milky white cataracts. Her overall personality and appearance is rather Lackluster

Midget (Miniaturized Georgia Ellis)

3 feet even and foul mouthed. She resembles human George but a little more squished. The most apt way to describe her is 10 times the attitude in half the size.

Mutant (Horribly Poetic Georgia Ellis)

6' tall, tanned, leathery skin, messy brown hair, scales and feathers and claws and poetry. Horrible, horrible poetry.

[To be continued..]

Being a Joker: The Pros and Cons

It took a great deal of thought to come up with a suitable joker power which our dearest misanthrope would develop, but after some consultation (thank you again!), I have finally developed Georgia's joker persona.

So lets take a look at short-term effects;

1. A Reluctantly Proper Personality Ah, to be a typical resident of Ace High. Sharply dressed occupants, a lovely spot of tea, and perhaps a `glight`g (because I can't actually colour it; I know most of you will understand that) show.

Georgia will be uncharacteristically polite, despite her best efforts to be otherwise. This may be slightly adjusted when under the influence of alcohol, but as it stands; no cursing. Poor George.

2. An Insistent Apparel

Despite her best efforts to rip, tear, destroy, and otherwise replace her lovely attire with something more to her liking, every new day will bring back her hated apparel.

3. The Personal Bubble

Georgia hates people; more specifically, contact. She can't stand to be touched by people she doesn't know, and can barely stand to be touched by those she does (so, y'know the kittymorphs drive her crazy).

The personal bubble is a defense mechanism in which a literal personal bubble manifests itself when someone attempts to touch her and she does not want to be touched. It is not controlled but she won't complain about it either.

Long-term effects and the REAL POWER

So, because George does not appreciate being touched, I am going to try and work out some sort of displacement technique. Of course, this will take time because, being a fresh joker, I don't think it's something she should learn right off the bat. You don't become a joker and instantly know everything, after all.

As for her actual power; the best way to put it is that she can manifest her bad thoughts. It will be small at first, but we'll work our way up to that. It's going to be tricky but I look forward to writing it!

And that's Joker George for ya.


She only has one so far - a small black star on her left ass cheek. This was received after a night of a bit too much drinking in the Common Grounds with Rykar and Agelmar.

Items collected so far

  • An invisible sweater from Mercury
  • An ugly scarf from Mercury
  • A plaid shirt and black pants from Alex MacMillan
  • A bowl of cheese from Hilaria
  • A feather from Shi
  • A roll of duct tape from Kolojang

Adventures so far

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