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I'd explain gifting to you, but that'd be boring. Here, this guy can give you an explanation of what it was like in Season One!

DeadMeat's Guide to Gifting

The first rule of Gifting is: You cannot give someone a gift of an equipment type they already have. For example if you already have a Shack Spork, I cannot give you a Chainsaw.

Shack Equipment types are: Weapons, Armor, Helmet, Boots, Gloves. Don't expect any of those last three unless the giver /really/ likes you.

Scavenged Equipment does NOT count toward Shack limits. If you have a Strategic Can, I can give you an Invisisuit. If you have Panties, I can't.

You can only have ONE gift waiting for pickup. I can give you an Invisisuit OR a Chainsaw, not both. At least not at the same time.

The drive steals ALL your Req. 1) Most advanced players /want/ to give lots of gifts. To anybody, really. Just let them know. Politely, please.

You can ask for, and expect to get, anything the Shack will sell you that doesn't cost Cigs. Req is easy to get and expendable. 2) Know the costs and be specific.

Karma is the reason for the Season. If I give you a gift when you need one, then you may give me one when I need it. Pay it forward. Spread the love.

Clannies first, but everybody's fair game. Spread the love far and wide. The more folks you do favors for, the more folks will owe you favors.

1) Yes, in the bank, too.
2) I know it doesn't look that way now, but after Level 10 or so, it just /pours/ in. It isn't unusual to have more Req than you can use at level 15. Really.
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