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Giuseppe Lorenzo

Giuseppe is one of the newest contestants to be dropped onto the Island. Blessed with permanently scruffy hair, a bad case of lightheartedness1), and overwhelming sarcasm, he is quite a sight.

Before the Island

Before the Island, Giuseppe was a citizen of the great Confederated States of America, a nation formed from the fusion of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He was an engineering student at Purdue University, working towards his dream of structural engineering. He was taken from his home while having an intimate moment with his girlfriend.2)3) This has left him slightly bitter and extremely cynical.4)5)

Season One

Giuseppe was Paperwork Guy for CDAG.6)7) 8) He is also quite good at playing the bass, which helps him to relax. He recently played a wonderful piece at the Joining of Tor NaGoth and Jade XXIV, and dedicated a piece to the Watcher.9) He especially likes playing with others, usually Rosin10) or Gorbert. Has recently become a very chaotic Joker with a taste for bad jokes and stupid conjuring tricks. Recent events have shown him to possess a robotic suit that magnifies his powers of Improbability at least tenfold.11)12)13)

Season Two

Giuseppe is currently a scruffy human with a tophat that does not have a blue band and is normal in every way. The head it is on, however, is far from normal. He is currently the head brewmaster, and chief musician for SWEET. He also operates a bar in the Common Ground that serves potent drinks developed by himself and Xane, drinks like the Improbable Nuclear Reactor and the X-float. He recently combined the two drinks and drank the concoction, leading to his transformation into a dragon-human hybrid. This just feeds into his egotistical nature, but he does not abuse the new attributes he obtained. Is now covered in a thick coat of black fur. Prone to be long-winded. Recently wedded to the lovely ThreeMileChild.

1) which is liked by many
2) she deflated?
3) Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much. . .
4) Did I mention that he is very sarcastic?
5) No, but maybe it'd be a good idea.
6) Clan Administrator Grade 1
7) Also known as a pencil-pusher.
8) He also is obsessed with himself. Watch him for Unwarranted Self-importance
9) Who graced us with her presence.
10) This has yet to truly happen.
11) This makes him very dangerous and slightly more egotistical.
12) Standard rule of math. 10 X 0 = 0..
13) Whatever. A man can dream, can't he?
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