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CDAG's beloved leader Uncle Bernard asked Giuseppe Lorenzo to clean up some of the clan's paperwork, which was filling several abandoned warehouses in Pleasantville. While he was at it, GL was supposed to retrieve Bernard's beloved signed Benny Hill photograph. However, he utterly failed to do so, and so later when Merlin, Zahnnie, jon, and Adelheide were applying Rule 68 to the mess, the picture was lost.

Bernard was outraged. GL, in a desperate attempt to save his own skin, informed Bernard that he could raise the photo- or perhaps Benny himself- from the dead. This ended poorly, with Bernard separated from his body- and unable to find said body!

Transcript: The Necromancy

The Trial

The tribunal shall consist of Merlin, Herbal Squidge, and Bernard himself.

SinkorSwim shall act as the prosecutor and Zahnnie as the defense attorney.

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