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Typo-Goblin - Migitellus unintelligibulus
Threat Level - Negligible

Believed by some to be a degenerate species of the more common Filthy Midget, Typo-Goblins display limited intelligence in all areas but one; They possess an impressive grasp of the English language that borders on the fantastical. As with all midgets, however, the natural personally of the average Typo-Goblin is highly incendiary and unstable. This results in them most commonly using their impressive vocabulary to mangle and distort single letters, enjoying the pain caused by the barely-noticeable error. Typo-Goblins have on occasion been tamed for use as translators and pets, but their afore-mentioned personally traits ensure that they never except the dominance of another and will butcher everything they say mercilessly. This behavior can be seen as similar to their close cousins the Typo-Gremlins.

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