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Name: Grace Darkwing

Current Species: Birdmorph

Status: ACTIVE

Sex: Female All the time.

Skin colour: Pale

Eyes: Red

Hair: White

Age: Late teens-early twenties

Distinguishing markings: How many of these have you seen, really?

Mutations: Technically made of improbability. Macaw wings! (I think)

Clan: None officially listed.


Flaze, update this yourself! ~Clue

Yeah, yeah. Later. ~Flaze

Five feet tall.

(Fur and feathers! Feathers follow her spine down her back and surround her wings, and run through her hair on her head.

Her wings have a span of ten feet, and are covered in black feathers, save the tips, which, depending on what she's using, are either a glowing orange or ice blue.

Taloned hands, rough skin up to her elbows, where the fur takes over. Kitty feet, covered in fur, up to the waist where she has a tail five feet long.

When using fire or smoke, she's unnaturally warm, but not uncomfortably so, and gives her a faint heat haze. Ice, on the other hand, makes her freezing cold and a faint mist of frost.)

Other Information

Often seen with Clue or his Shadow, which likes to lurk in hers. All the time. Yes. He knows. 1)

1) It's okay, really. Keeps her out of mischief. Sometimes. Okay, maybe not.
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