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// ==UserScript==
// @name            ii-footnote-fixer
// @namespace       http://enquirer.improbableisland.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=greasemonkey:footnotefixer
// @description     Fixes the goddamn footnotes on the wiki
// @match           http://enquirer.improbableisland.com/dokuwiki/*
// @icon            http://improbableisland.com/favicon.ico
// @version         1.4
// @author          Full Metal Lion
// @grant           none
// ==/UserScript==
function addGlobalStyle(css) {
    var head, style;
    head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
    if (!head) { return; }
    style = document.createElement('style');
    style.type = 'text/css';
    style.innerHTML = css;
addGlobalStyle('.insitu-footnote{ background-color:#CFB38E !important; }');
//the old height value of 1% seems to exist solely to ruin footnotes. I suspect the devil is involved.
//Update: I am led to believe the old height had something to do with
//correcting for the internal machinations of Internet Explorer;
//in this new light, I stand by my earlier statement confidently.
addGlobalStyle('.dokuwiki{ height:auto !important; }');

Version 1.0

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