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Typo-Gremlin - Migitellus butcherus/ingeui
Threat Level - Minimal/Moderate

Typo-Gremlins are a larger, more aggressive species of the Typo-Goblin and share most traits with it. The main differences between the two species vary between the Typo-Gremlin sub-species, of which there are two. The first (and until recently, believed to be the only) sub-species of Typo-Gremlin is the mangler, a one foot tall gray-skinned creature with an abnormally wide mouth and highly flexible arms. The Mangler in all respects behaves like the Typo-Goblin with one major dissimilarity, its tendency to "mangle" multiple words at once. The other, more recently discovered sub-species is the Artiste, which resembles a Mangler without the oversized mouth. Artiste's prefer to change words to other words with their typos, disdaining their lesser cousins attempts to simply render the word illegible. The recent discovery of the Artiste is its love of hiding in the Jungle, a location commonly shunned by its kind. Recent contestant sightings report these Typo-Gremlins hard at work constructing strange "Doomsday Devices" in the words of the contestants.

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