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Typo-Griffon - Regalia literaius
Threat Level - High

The Typo-Griffon (Note the unusual spelling, placing its name as possibly french in origin) is a mighty predator of both land and sky. Despite its size (Roughly that of a small dog) the Typo-Griffon has been known to attack creatures of any sentient variety, including Gods and Jokers, in search of worthy words to prey upon. It stalks its intended victim for up to several hours, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When attacking, the Typo-Griffon selects a juicy word and rends it with its claws before retreating back to the sky. This results in the victim believing themselves to have been the target of a harmless Typo-Goblin and lulling them into a false sense of security in preparation for the Griffon's next strike. This maneuver can be repeated until the Griffon is sated, the victim catches on and retreats, or the Griffon is denied any worthwhile words. If the third option occurs, the Griffon will attempt to devour the victim itself. Few creatures can survive such an attack.

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