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The GRUNT Mobile Weapons Platform is one of the Science Center's latest innovations. Originally a simple robotic cannon on ambulatory legs, GRUNT has become so infused with improbability that it become its own form of life.

GRUNT is one of the mercenaries that you can hire at the Mercenary Camp in Improbable Central.1) Once you hire it, GRUNT will fight alongside you in jungle fights,2) and is perfect for those situations where only excessive firepower will do.

Originally intended as a weapon of localized but massive destructive potential, the improbability infusing GRUNT has caused it to develop a need for affection and friendship. Once hired, it will follow you with blind devotion. It may cause nothing but destruction, but GRUNT wants only to be loved.3)

1) Other mercenaries are Caroline the Speed Medic and Insane Jane.
2) A convenient way of doing extra damage to those pesky monsters.
3) Beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!
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