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The Gryphbots


A series of robots created after the demise of Red Gryph, they all refer to themselves as Gryph 1) but none are entirely sure if they are the original Gryph in new form, or something else.

There are currently a number of models rolling, stomping, or flying around the countryside:

Gryph #1

Physical Appearance

This Gryph stands about four feet tall, operates on large treads and has two delicate robotic claws and a finely wrought chassis. His face screen is usually displayed two upturned arrows for eyes, similar to the ^_^ emoticon. His eyes and voice are both purple. His appearance can be viewed on his avatar page.


Often forgoing a model number entirely, Gryph #1 was the result of a factory robot with a GryphChip destroying the Improbability Drive when it really shouldn't have been able to2), after Red Gryph had captured the drive for his nefarious plans.

Originally speaking in a broken robotic voice, Gryph #1 soon met Enada, found the color of her voice fascinating, and quickly duplicated it for his own use. He also agreed to become Enada's minion, with duties as varied as giving her scritches and tackle-pouncing Snickerer.

This Gryph showed a particular knack and interest in robot construction, and appears to be the creator of all other Gryphbots currently on the island.

Gryph #1 was non-functional for a time, due directly to the actions of Gryph #4, and indirectly to his drinking a gargleblaster while programming said Gryphbot. The remains woke the interest of Sicpuess, who attempted to repair the chassis and eventually offered a replacement. There was a worrying period when it was believed the Gryphchip was damaged beyond repair, and it was therefore buried in a place near the Three Hedgehogs Shrine in Cyber City 404. Fortunately, due to some quick thinking and time travel, the original undamaged GryphChip was recovered from an earlier period and replaced with the damaged replica. Thanks to some Improbable technology and the harnessing of the power of one of a victory over the Improbability Drive, Gryph #1 now sports a new chassis not unlike a large robotic tank and is once more gleefully back in action.

Gryph #2

Physical Appearance

This Gryph stands about four feet tall, operates on large treads and has two general purpose robotic claws and a fairly simple chassis. His face screen is usually displayed two upturned arrows for eyes, similar to the ^_^ emoticon. His eyes and voice are both yellow, and he has a large number two painted on his chest. His appearance can be viewed on his avatar page.


The first robot created by Gryph #1, he is essentially a poor copy of the original in physical terms. He lacks Gryph #1's engineering ability, but is generally friendly and helpful, as well as being another minion of Enada. Feeling somewhat inferior to his brothers, he has also devoted himself to the cause of the three to the point of building himself a small shrine somewhere in the factory. In his faith, he finds some solace in his role in the world.

Gryph #3

Physical Appearance

A ball with a red racing stripe and a large black screen that usually displays a simple red eye, his preferred method of locomotion is flying, though the means by which he does so is unknown. He has shown the ability to "blink" from place to place. Various compartments on his body can open to reveal an impressive array of tools - those seen so far include fishing hooks and wires, a thin robotic manipulator, a camera, a set of speakers 3) and a lightning gun. He also has a red button on his back 4).


Created by Gryph #1 from the remains of the improbability drive recovered after the previously mentioned battle with Red Gryph and powered by Joker juice, Gryph #3 is violently unpredictable though he seems to be driven mostly by curiosity and entertainment, and has shown a remarkably small amount of patience before getting frustrated. Gryph #3 has demonstrated no intention or ability to communicate verbally, instead using his display to form images and symbols as needed and occasionally using his speakers to play bits of popular songs.

He is perhaps the first Jokerbot on Improbable Island, or at least likes to think he is.

He has shown no loyalty to anyone outside of Gryph #1 and Gryph #2, and even that loyalty seems only to be to a point.

Gryph #4

Physical Appearance

Originally standing at seven feet when not hunched forward, Gryph #4 is a large, complex robot with four heavy spiderlike legs and a number of arms covered in blades, he is a fearsome sight to behold. His most recent model, the Gryph #4 MKII, is even more fearsome than the original, with an increased size of ten feet, an 8-bit speech box, upgraded weaponry, and a violent temper.


Created solely to destroy the drive, and responsible for the major damage and perhaps permanent destruction of his creator, Gryph #1, his current designation is GRYPH #4 MKII, the original having been destroyed after a fight with the drive.

Gryphlings, Model Number 100-178

Physical Appearance

Varied sizes and shapes, most standing under a foot tall.


Little is known of them, except that there are a number of the working on various projects in Gryph's Workshop.

Gryph Prime // Blue Gryph

Though reports have been made of the existence of some other electronic Gryph inhabiting the islands computer systems, this is only a rumour, as no evidence has been found of his existence. While messages supposedly originating from this source were seen before the appearance of Gryph #1, if he ever existed it is assumed the drive explosion in Cyber City resulted in his demise.

1) Or, more specifically, Gryph Number(x).
2) He was only level 14
3) though these were added in Kittania by someone else
4) Touch on own risk only
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