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Hats, worn on the feet in most civilized societies, are a way of flaunting wealth that would've been confiscated after a DriveKill. Hats are bought at Deimos' Haberdashery 1)2)3)4)5)6). 1000 req will buy you a size 1 hat. After that, each next sized hat costs 10% more than the last. Thus the formula is log(cost / 1000) / log (1.1), rounded up. You can upgrade a hat (though Deimos requires you to spend at least 10% the current value of your hat to do so). This is where all that req should go before you kill the Drive.

1) though it really should be Deimos's
2) but I thought it was supposed to be Deimoses?
3) Deimoses'?
4) Deimoses's?
5) Des Moines?
6) Del Taco?
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