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A lovely experience that all experienced players recommend to brighten up the day of the young folk. Of course, the most famous host of tea parties won't give out invitations to just any scraggly contestant. You have to be a strong and motivated scraggly contestant to even be considered for an invite. Once you find the invite in your favorite work-out center, you have to go to the exact address that he provides. Be warned, you'll have to be thorough in your search, as his handwriting is atrocious. Once you reach the appointed place, you'll find that a lovely table has been set for you. In exchange for this elegant experience, all the host asks for is for you to provide the tea that will be used. And if you have no tea (or milk, or sugar, or lemon), he will regretfully send you off until you come back with more.

Narrator's Note: This highly questionable account was taken from a Joker, who was smiling at me as though she wished to take a lunge at my neck throughout her story. She did, in fact, take a lunge at my neck once she finished, but soon found out that I too have harnessed Improbability. A rollicking good brawl was had by all.

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