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The Hedgehog Cancan

An Exceedingly rare phenomenon that occurs only when many people, all of whom have neglected their required Dancing come together in a giant tribute to the hedgehogs we all know and love. It usually involves of flailing, kicking, and Toulouse-Lautrec in some manner or another.

The First Dance

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe begins setting up for the Dance of the year!

<FNORD> Private Rihta beams in with a 'whooooooooom' "Here I am! Teleporters. They're great."

<FNORD> Private Rihta runs behind a screen, skirts, ponchos, and Crinlin start to fly. She pops out with a "Ta da!"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn moves in. "Xane, you're crazy."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Yes, yes I am. I'm also more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Or so says 9 out of 10 people who've had foulness thrown on em."

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn peers to Rihta. "I want a costume!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, they really are great. "Lookin good Rihta, I gotta finish setting up, then I'll get into costume." he begins assembling the robot orchestra.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe points to the back, "They're back there." he begins instructing the conductor. "Its in 2/4 time, not 4/4. YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!"

<FNORD> Private Rihta sits at her improv vanity putting on doll makeup. " thank-you Xane. I've got lots of costume's Ferryn, hrm, OH! I've got it, i've got one with a massive bustle"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn follows Xane's points! She goes to dress herself Long dresses! Petticoats! RUFFLES.

<FNORD> Private Rihta sets up the screen again. "Back here Ferryn, This'll fit your abdomen -perfect- and it's all different pretty colours"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn veers over to Rihta. "Or we'll take your suggestion!"

<FNORD> Private Rihta likes the one Ferryn picked. "That looks so cool!"

<FNORD> Private Rihta says, " I like yours better."

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn is so confused. She settles on the one she picked. She erms at it confusedly. Clothing is hard. "Um... can I have some help getting it on?"

<FNORD> Private Rihta says, " Sure thing, direct me my leige."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe finishes with the conductor, and thus the final bit of the orchestra. He jumps on stage and shouts, "IF anybody else is here, come out now, we're setting up!"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn just sort of stares at the dress. "Um... I think it goes on this way." She's putting it on backwards.

<QQQ> talkydoor runs into town, breathless. "Did someone say," gasp, "dance?" Seeing ruffly things, she steps warily behind the screen.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, pointing. He looks for Neeip, Eben, and Esc, they should be here...

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn has not worn actual clothing in some time. Just a jacket.

<FNORD> Private Rihta cocks her head to once side and looks at the inside of the neckline "Um, well, here's the tag. Maybe this is the back."

<QQQ> talkydoor grins over at Ferryn and picks up a costume herself. "Wow, revealing." She proceeds to put it on over her armour, but is forced to take off her helmet.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe is already in his unfortunately frilly dress. No, he has no shame, he lost that long ago. He thinks it was a jungle fight. If not, it should have been, he just couldn't drop the stuff.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn ums confusedly. "You uh. You sure?" She squirms around and twists the dress, muttering about stupid clothing.

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave wanders in from the jungle, muttering something that sounds like "Fan can go duck himself". Confusing, I know. His hat drifts in behind him.

<QQQ> talkydoor looks down at herself and frowns. That's not right... She bends over and rolls up her armoured trousers, revealing leg! Mutters, "Much better!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe waves to Dave, pointing to the back, "Wanna join in? We need more dancers." he neglets to mention what dance, or the uniform. He gestures for Ferryn and Talky to help him.

<QQQ> talkydoor stumbles out from behind the screen, somehow getting tangled in the skirt already, and stops short at seeing Xane. Barely managing not to snicker, she hands over a note.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs, they have to start soon! He's waiting for a few more people...He taps his foot impatiently, rustling the frills.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn tahtahtahs and kicks her legs a bit. Including the little buggly ones but that's not as obvious

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe takes the note and reads. Yes, he's oblivious. Its what he does best.

<QQQ> talkydoor grins widely at Dave. "Hello again!" She indicates her frilly-dress-and-armour-combo. "Join us?"

<SUGAR> Prince PCee runs into the sitting panting. He skids to a stop in from of Xane. "Did...I...miss...it?"

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave blinks. "Em...dancers?" Remembering the fun at the PSK the previous night, he goes over to investigate, grabbing his hat and setting it back on his head. "What for?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs, "Well, it'll be alright, I have some stand ins."

<FNORD> Private Rihta Nods "Yeah i'm pretty sure this is the back." looks up "Heeeey, look at Xane, rockin the Crinoline, or is it more of a Farthingale"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn tahtahtahs a bit more, giggling.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe grins, "Nope, go in the back, ferryn and Talky ought to be able to help, I'm still setting up." he offers Dave the same statement and gestures to the back.

<QQQ> talkydoor grabs hold of Dave and propels him behind the screen. She hasn't played dressup in a while.

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave waves at talky and Ferryn, glad to see familiar faces. "Hullo again. Oh Ferryn, any news about the Magpies? I found one but I think he thought I was tasty myself."

<SUGAR> Prince PCee moves over to Ferryn and smiles. "Hello! I was directed to you...do I get my frilly dress now?"

<FNORD> Private Rihta throws a colorful dress to Pace. "Not late yet"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks Rihta ought to be able to help as well, perhaps even more than Ferryn considering Ferryn's need of help...anyway, Xane wraps up the set up and pulls the big red curtain down.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn holds out another ruffly petticoat and dress. She grins a bit madly. "Suit up!"

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave lets out a squeek as talky manhandles him. Unsure what he's getting into, he shrugs. Could be fun.

<SUGAR> Prince PCee takes the dress. He runs off giggling madly and returns wearing the dress. He kept his mesh shirt on and hopes that ok...He pulls the black part of his hair into a ponytail and sticks a feather in

<QQQ> talkydoor picks up a colourful petticoat and shoves it at Dave's chest. She smiles at him. She'd offer him help but, frankly, hasn't worn women's clothing in quite a while.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe yells backstage, "Alright folks, three minutes to curtain!" he gets into place at the center of the stage. <FNORD> Private Rihta is lost in a flurry of powder and petticoats getting people ready and -loving- it. She rushes to place behind the curtain and strikes a pose.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn looks distraught. Pace looks better in a dress than she does!

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave , not having worn any clothing but his hat for quite a while, stares at the dress. He raises an eyebrow at talky. "How do I put this on?"

<FNORD> Private Rihta looks at Pace "Oooh feather good idea"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn tah-tah-tahs and dances over behind the curtain.

<QQQ> talkydoor hears the three minute call and panics. She tries to find a shiny place to look at her reflection in, but quickly decides that's not a good idea.

<SUGAR> Prince PCee looks at Ferryn and winces. It's a curse to look that feminine..."So...where's my spot?"

<QQQ> talkydoor looks over at Dave and says, "gah!" She rushes back over and manages to get it wrapped round his neck and one arm. Standing back, she frowns at him. "Nope, that's not right."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe snaps his fingers and Dave is completely decked out in makeup, dress, and other accoutrements. ITS TIME!

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave manipulates the thing in various ways, puts it over his head. That doesn't seem right. He looks around, eyes wide. "How does this work?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe taps his cane on the ground once before tossing it away and linking arms with the others. The orchestra begins to warm up...

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn grins as she links arms with whoever's next to her. GONNA BE FUN

<QQQ> talkydoor is impressed by Xane's hocus-pocus, and looks at her fingers enviously. She grins round excitedly at the others.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods to a 'bot, who begins to pull the curtain up. He smiles to the silent mutant audience, and says, "Thank you, thank you, and welcome to the first ever..."

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave removes the petticoat from his head, grabs his hat, and replaces it on his head. He looks down at the dress and tilts his head in confusion. He shifts uncomfortably, but goes to join the others.

<FNORD> Private Rihta breaks out her fan and bats her eyelashes getting into character

<SUGAR> Prince PCee links arms with Ferryn. This promises to be a lot of fun!

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe grins, "Group Hedgehog Cancan!" The orchestra jumps and he begins dancing!

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave , arms linked, stares out at the crowd. ESCAPE!!!

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn giggles madly. She DANCES.

<QQQ> talkydoor grabs people's arms. She has no idea what's going to happen next, but she's ready. She eeps and quickly throws her rock drill off to the side.

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave ignores his instincts and follows XaNe's lead.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn tah-tah-tahs! She KICKS her legs, and laughs.

<FNORD> Private Rihta can cans as no hedgehog can, full vertical splits. she almost whacks herself in the face with a stilletto heel but misses and misses the reposte too.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Kick, two, kick, four, kick kick twirl kicks!

<QQQ> talkydoor is relieved she's being held on either side so can't fall down. She suddenly realises she doesn't know how to dance.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe has no idea what he's doing either, he's just sort of spazzing out on stage...

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn does not know how to dance either but she's having fun!

<FNORD> Private Rihta kicks, two, kick, four, kick kick twirl KICK

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave 's hat joins in on the dancing, bouncing across the cancan line's heads to the music.

<SUGAR> Prince PCee starts dancing along with the others. He laughs happily at the sheer joy of it.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe listens to the orchestra build, reaching its climax. He kicks faster, narrowly avoiding his fellow cancaners....

<FNORD> Private Rihta links hands with Ferryn and twirls around her changing places, Kick, link and twirl back.

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave leans his head to the left and whispers to talky, not missing a beat in the dance. "This dress is throwing off my balance."

<QQQ> talkydoor quickly gets into the rhythm and kicks. A velocoraptor boot flies into the audience. Kick and the other one goes...

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe finally attempts a split for the big finish...gosh that looks painful...that is REALLY going to hurt in the morning.

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave 's tail finally escapes from under the dress, twitching back and forth. It narrowly escapes getting caught in another dancer's legs.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn wheeees as she is twirled! WHEEE!

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe attempts to bow, but can't seem to move...he pants, just sort of lying there...regretting this...

<FNORD> Private Rihta linked in with her fellow cancanners, laughing with glee, steps to the left Kick, to the right Kick, twirl, Kick

<SUGAR> Prince PCee laughs and attempts to duplicate Xane's stunt. He winces but manages the split.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn peers at Xane. "... you okay there?"

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave , just as the orchestra builds to a climax, finds his tail wrapped around the leg he was about to kick with, and falls, almost in slow motion. He has the presence of mind to let go of his companions.

<FNORD> Private Rihta drops to the floor matching Xane's splits, she's hyped up on too much adrenaline to feel pain now.

<QQQ> talkydoor lets go of the people either side to do jazz hands! Without their support she stumbles, and lands on her knees, still doing the hands!

<SUGAR> Prince PCee stands. Don't ask why but he can do a split. He touches Xane's shoulder and smiles. "You ok...?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe whimpers and slips into a CanCanComa.

<GERM> Civilian Teh Dave lands on his back and stares up at the sky. He swats at the grouse that seem to be circling his head.

<FNORD> Private Rihta jumps up and down clapping for her fellow dancers. This was such a good idea.

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn sinks to her knees, breathing heavily.

<FNORD> Private Rihta clicks down the line in her heels checking to see if anyone other than Xane is feeling the 'Can can't"

<SUGAR> CentipedeMorph Ferryn gnraaars and tears a bit at the dress. She flails about on the ground in it

<FNORD> Private Rihta pulls the curtain closed.

<FNORD> Private Rihta offers an icepack to Teh Dave. "Anyone for a curtain call?"

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