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Before you stands a girl. A woman actually. She hardly tops five foot six and has probably the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen. Her curly red hair falls to the small of her back and is a direct indicator to her passionate personality. She smiles at you with such warmth that you can't help but wonder how she ended up here. She doesn't seem to have much power as a fighter and her body is to small to be able to handle much damage.

But your perpective is blown out of the water when you see her take out a Seventy-Headed Hell Hound with nothing but her feet. You watch in amazment as the small, lithe body before you takes on the consistancy of rubber, bending in ways you've only seen in cartoons and X-rated movies, to avoid jaws that could swallow her whole. Her nail studded boots land on soft vunerable spots like the eyes and nose with almost flawless precision.

When it drops and finally stops twitching, she hits the ground next to you and very politly askes the way to NewHome. All you can do is stutter "North." Hella nods and thanks you before promptly heading off in the wrong direction. You blink and run after her, turning her around while she blushes and informs you that she couldn't find her way out of a wet paper bag.

When she disappears into the jungle you absently wish you could see her again.

Later on, while in the Prancing SpiderKitty, you run into the red head again. She's got a violin that's so dark it's almost black held firmly against her shoulder and she has the entire pub singing at the top of it's lungs. Her voice floats over the crowd as she belts out an irish drinking song, Seth providing an almost decent accompanyment. She turns and spots you in the filled pub, a grin flashing over her face.

When the song ends the place erupts in cheers and several requests fly around the room. She seems to know them all and it soon becomes a game to find a song she doesn't know. By the end of the night her voice is slightly raspy and she's kicked out anyone that's tried to start trouble on her night out.

She smiles at you one last time and is lost to the glowing lights of the city.

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