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Hermein and Calynx's Wedding

Dear Friends,

You are all invited to join us to celebrate our upcoming wedding for Sunday, the 3rd of May. The Garden at Stoneleigh Manor is undergoing a flurry of preparations for this event that we have both been anticipating for quite some time now.

Enclosed is your formal invitation 1).

We look forward to seeing you there!

~ Calynx and Hermein


A Few More Details:

The wedding should start around 2:00PM CDT (3:00PM EDT, 8:00PM BST, 9:00 CEST). Please look for "The Gardens at Stoneleigh" in Improbable Central. No keys are necessary, everyone is welcome! Catering will be provided by KK Victoria.

Bridal Party:

Officiant: Sessine

Matron of Honor: Lelila

Bridesmaid: Merlin

Bridesmaid: Third Sicpuess

Best Man: KK Victoria

Groomsman: Tor NaGoth, with Bernard standing in

Groomsman: Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen

Ringbearer: Harlequin

Music: Zolotisty



-Chicken Sauterne

-Rock Cornish Hens with red raisin sauce

-Roasted Chicken over open spit

-Full roast turkey

-Bohemian Roast Goose

-Roast Duckling Montmorency

Red Meat:

-Standing rib roast

-London Broil

-Chateubriand with Artichokes Bearnaise

-Pork Schnitzel

-Whole Smithfield Ham

-Rotisseried lamb



-Okra Vinaigrette


-Boiled wild rice

-Herbed Orange rice


-Fettucini Alfedo


-Waldorf Salad

-Caesar Salad

-Greek Salad

You turn the page of the clipboard.



-Shrimp Bisque



-New England Clam Chowder



-Eggplant Parmigiana


-Cavatellie with meat sauce


Broiled rock lobster tails

-Crab Imperial

-Poached Salmon with Aspic

-Broiled Tarragon Fish

-Marinated Swordfish steaks.

-Note: Included are all manner of sweets as an alternative dessert. Fresh breads, all manner of both non- and alcoholic drinks are covered. Bartending is handled. Serving is handled. The cake will be brought out upon your request. Food will be presented upon your request.


Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's cake is a masterpiece of baking. Alternating total of seven layers, the bottom being a good six feet in diameter. The bottom levels are decorated with all manner of frosting plants, while

Ahi Koa KK Victoria has added some flourishes towards the top that look almost mechanical, mixed with the nature themed decorations. KK grins back at his cake. Quite the masterpiece, and multiple flavors too.

Ahi Koa KK Victoria had had his chefs already start it about twenty hours ago, and they prepared the seven layers in all kinds. Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, marble, coffee, even a bit of cherry and blueberry cake.

Ahi Koa KK Victoria grins, presenting in the middle of the room on a large circular table, a very large mint colored cake. From the base up, it almost looks as though flowers and vines grow, climbing upwards.

Ahi Koa KK Victoria had obviously put tons of work into the cake. The detail on the flowers and leaves is impeccable. The cake itself is around six feet in diameter, gradually increasing upwards seven layers.

Ahi Koa KK Victoria had made the plants and leaves begin to meld in with mechanical components made of hardened sugar and frosted to detail. Cogs stick out from the cake, and marzipan vines curl through the spokes.

Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's masterpiece of a cake is a strange mixture of mechanical and natural themes. Along the side, in an elegant script of brown are two letters, linked together. An H and a C.

The Gardens at Stoneleigh Manor

In the center of the wide lawn, dozens of white chairs with pale green cushions, hung with green and purple flowers, stand on either side of a wide aisle entirely covered in rose petals. A grapevine arbor wound with wisteria stands at the far end. A breeze stirs the warm air, bringing the scent of delicious food from the nearby tent.

The sky is a beautiful cerulean blue, a bright sunny spring day with just the tiniest wisp of feathery clouds here and there.

Linnean Artist Calynx enters the gardens with armloads of flowers trailing behind her. She smiles when she sees the aisle thickly covered with rose petals and the cushions on the chairs. The shades match perfectly.

Linnean Artist Calynx quickly hangs spherical arrangements of pale green cymbidiums and rosy purple tulips held up by a loop of pale green satin ribbon on each of the chairs lining the aisle.

Linnean Artist Calynx knows that behind her, long, long ribbons festooned with the same green orchids and purple tulip heads are wrapping themselves around the bushes and tress, trailing down beautifully.

Linnean Artist Calynx marvels at the tent, so obviously a part of KK's catering. She sets down a tall, rectanglar vase in the middle of each cloth draped table. Orchids and tulips are submerged entirely in water.

1) Courtesy of Zolotisty
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