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The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall

Part 1

Location: Thunder Peak, The Hunting Grounds1)

The Proffessor starts climbing.
The Proffessor climbs higher, and higher, and higher...
The Proffessor gets to the point where he can't find any more footholds or handholds.
The Proffessor swears.
The Proffessor looks around. He can see a handhold over to his left.
The Proffessor reaches out...he stretches...and stretches...
The Proffessor...falls, screaming into the abysss.

Part 2

Location: The skies above the jungle around Kittania.

The Proffessor screams. "AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!"

Part 3

Location: Kittania

The Proffessor is seen, screaming above the outpost.
The Proffessor is seen, again, falling very rapidly, still screaming. "AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"
The Proffessor lands on The Hunters Lodge, from where a crashing noise is heard and bits of nails, planks of wood and hunting trophies come flying out.

Part 4

Location: The Hunter's Lodge, Kittania

The Proffessor lands in the Lodge, still screaming.
The Proffessor, when the dust finally clears, slowly walks out, limping.
The Proffessor groans "Sorry about the hole in your roof."

Part 5

Location: Kittania

The Proffessor limps out of the lodge.
The Proffessor Note Dont try climbing Thunder Peak without a rope. Its very dangerous.
Post-Human Nekomimi smiles, "Duly noted. Care for a cup of tea, medicinally of course."
The Proffessor checks his pockets. " Notebook, check, baseball bat, check, cigs check, req, moslt >still there."
The Proffessor Yes to tea...yes to anything, except dying. br i
The Proffessor drinks his tea. br i
Post-Human Nekomimi pours a cup of tea and passes it over, "Sorry its just a thermos this morning >so the teas as I like it. English breakfast with a hint for sugar and lemon." br i
The Proffessor heads into the bank, still limping, to deposit what req he has remaining. He >doesnt want to lose that as well.
The Proffessor Thanks for the tea. br i
Post-Human Nekomimi smiles, "I try to be here most mornings with tea, as theres no decent tea house on the island you know."
The Proffessor nods. "I dont know of one yet. Maybe I should build one. Though I doubt it would be as good as Paragon Tea Rooms."
Post-Human Nekomimi says "Well one does what one can, yes?"
The Proffessor Yes, yes. I dont think though I can do much more today. Sleep is probably about it.
Post-Human Nekomimi nods, "Thats certainly some days. This one Im avoiding the other form of tea >as I have a small event today."
The Proffessor says,"Oh really? What?"
Post-Human Nekomimi grins broadly, "Im getting married."
The Proffessor says, "Congratulations!"
The Proffessor says, "Who to?"
Post-Human Nekomimi says "Fox Kelfonne, Jaczszinszia Ravenlocke, and Shayde Zeerau Nekokoro."
Post-Human Nekomimi sips her tea with a smile.
The Proffessor is confused. " Is that three people, or one perosn with three personalities, or one person with a very long name, or what? "
Post-Human Nekomimi says, "Thats three seperate people... I think theyve only got one personality each though were not altogether sure about Shayde some days. "
The Proffessor nods carefully. " I didnt know trigamy was allowed. " He pauses for a moment, thinking. " But then, I dont see why not."
Post-Human Nekomimi shrugs, "It doesnt violate our ethics, so why not?"
The Proffessor sips his tea. " Agreed. "
Post-Human Nekomimi says "And religious opinions arent relevant as weve no dominant theology here and none of the four of us are theists in any case."
The Proffessor chuckles, thinking over the various island faiths, the Worshippers of Chaos, the Followers of the Hedgehogs, Eris Estoric, the order of Alchemy, &c., none of whom are dominant.
Post-Human Nekomimi gets up and brushes herself off.
Post-Human Nekomimi Must be running, its in half an hour.
Post-Human Nekomimi trots off eastwards.
The Proffessor waves goodbye to Nekomimi.
The Proffessor slowly walks out, looking for somewhere to stay the night.
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