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How GERM plays Texas Hold 'em

What follows is a brief view into how GERM operates, at the highest levels. This snapsot is based on a SINGLE HAND of Hold 'em poker, involvinf Spandex, Bernard, Talon, and G_rock


Dex showed her cards, bernard showed random cards, talon folded, Bernard folded, then unfolded, lied about his cards, and wandered off for a bit.Dex folded, talon unfolded but Dex had his cards already, dex claimed a win with talon's cards at the flop, Bernard refolded, unfolded, made a dirty joke about Spandex, and won the hand.1)2)3)

1) Bernard won 16 pushup bras, a zombie goat, a Mango, and a Dirty Secret
2) this mango may have been theoretical
3) It is not. It was in my fridge during S1. It was a demon mango
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