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Holy Hedgehogs of Glory

To the tune of Through the Fire and Flame by Dragonforce

At the start of the new day, when our stats are at their height,
We roam the deepest jungle depths, searching for a good fight
As their hit-points are falling down, and our foes rear back in fright,
We strike them down and loot their corpses, revel in our might
Fighting hard, fighting fearlessly, 'cross the Island seeking more,
The scattered req they drop when dead is what we're searching for.
But out stamina points ever drop; we watch them as they go,
until to further hunts we must say no,
So we can not pay the fee?, the fee to buy a tasty dish?,
No more Saved Days?, without these we can't carry on,
Slaughtering the monsters,
beating up our masters,
Seeking out the Drive once and for all!
So far away, is next day, we have one chance,
to seek out Audrey's furry kin,
We choose to play, and when we win, in tribute we dance,

to the Holy Hedgehogs of Glory we sing!

As each new day is dawning, and screaming fills the sky,
the Rookies tossed from planes above come falling from on high,
Ever since that awkward fall, breathing salt air from the sea,
You could feel that subtle force; Improbability,
when without a sound,
the Drive goes down,
the Watcher watches all,
and suddenly you find you're three-feet tall,
whether you're fighting a Dream-ing Catfish God or Caveman Joe,
body forged from metal ores or dead to the bone,
going out of your mind,
lost adrift in space-time,
day after day the battles must go on!
So far away, we wait for the day,
with green eyes we shall all be joking,
But even then whenever our stamina is gone,

to the Holy Hedgehogs of Glory we sing!

So take heed, all unbelievers and faithless,
Praising the Hedgehogs is the thing,
that will save you from an imminent death,

to the Holy Hedgehogs of Glory we sing!

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