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The following is an old poem sometimes cited by the more mystically inclined jokers. As perhaps we should expect of Jokers, the authorship of this poem is highly uncertain, and has been ascribed to various Jokers. Among the more plausible claims can be counted Pierre Pascal the well known Joker mystic, and Blaise Fermat the Joker mathematician.

Homage to Horatio - The Jokers Cry

Oh Horatio my only true love!
You oh Horatio, you who give me my eternal chaos!
You oh Horatio who is larger than the universe yet dances on the atoms.
You who were born with time and with whom time will die,
For how can there be time when there is only certainty?
You oh Horatio, whose greatest creation is life.

In ancient times they called you Tiamat, the ocean of life.
Marduk the hero subdued you.
You were later named Lucifer; light bringer, bright star of morning.
All cast you down and abhorred you.
The mathematicians played with you and sought to understand you,
Knowing that they never could.
The humanists called you a lie and thought to banish you.
Fools that they were!
We call you Horatio and have been given you in earthly form.

You laughed at the humanists in their hubris;
and used their hands to form an earthly form.

Oh Doktor Improbable! Professor Joseph Hawton!
Oh David Abraham!
You thought to eliminate margins of error!
You thought to usher in absolute certainty!
Know you not that absolute certainty is the death of all things?

But Horatio laughed at you. He used you for himself.
What you sought to banish you brought about.
Your attempt at escape from the unknown into the chains of certainty;
led to an escape from the chains of certainty into the liberating chaos of Improbability.
You brought us Horatio in earthly form!
For this I praise you, the father of all you ran from!
The father of all I love, all that I run to!

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