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These horrible, formless beings sprang forth from the very Pits of Hell themselves. Having no strengths, they also have no weaknesses; and having no true form or even body, they can easily survive anything. It is said that when nuclear winter finally happens1)2), two things will survive: Twinkies and horrid gelatinous blobs.3)

In combat, these creatures are unstoppable, simply absorbing their prey before moving on, and are thought to be the evil minions of JtPN, carrying out his evil newbie-slaughtering, pants-stealing plans for world domination.4)

1) Because we all know it's coming.
2) Actually, it already happened
3) Formerly, people believed that the two things that would survive nuclear winter were Twinkies and cockroaches. But since the horrid gelatinous blobs ate all the cockroaches, this theory has been modified.
4) Another, more radical theory, suggests horrid gelatinous blobs are simply contestants that are in the process of being 'reset' by the gene-altering effects of improbability and are potentially in the process of changing to a new population type, but this has only been proven to be rumor.
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